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Government “open to discussion” on homophobic incitement

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Reader comments

  1. David Reid 3 Jan 2007, 3:42pm

    I don’t have much confidence. This government is more interested in protecting religious interests and allowing religion to attack and denigrate and discriminate against gay people. I wonder if what this minister is really saying is that we’ll put in place the legisation protecting against incitement to hatred on religious grounds which will then limit the protection we can give on sexual orientation because criticising religious pronouncements on homosexuality will be criminalised. We are already likely to have the case where discriminating against gays and lesbians in terms of employment and provision of goods and services will be illegal unless you are religious. when it’s will be fine (discrimination enshrined in legislation). Why is it easier to protect against race, religion and sexism first? It makes no sense to me unless they wish to prioritise and privelege protection in terms of these things. The previously proposed protection of religion would have banned insult to religion. I expect we will end up with legislation that bans any criticism of religion but allows carte blance for religious organisations and practitioners to slander and denigrate gay people. Who are the main public critics of homosexuality today? Who lobbies hardest against any legislation that would benefit gay and Lesbian people? Who drives incitement to hatred in relation to homosexuality? I’d argue it is religious groups. I am concerned we will end up in a worse situation where the very groups that incite hatred against us will be protected from any criticism. Did Pink News find out how Mr McNulty envisages that new incitement laws will help inform other parts of hate crime? Could you ask Tony McNulty to explain himself? I’d be grateful