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Minister will consider national system for reporting homophobes

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Reader comments

  1. conservatives? see leopards never change there spots.

  2. I’d guess that the faith schools and organised religions and all the other bigots are going to come out against this initiative.What excuse can there ever be for promoting hatred and discrimination against another human being?It’s sad – but the TV series ‘Startrek’ showed the way forward with the principle of IDIC – Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination. We should celebrate our diversities and not think that it’s a good idea to go kick gays and any others just because they have something different about them.It’s almost like the lunatics want to see a repeat of pre-WWII Germany – and the rest!

  3. How many times must we go down the same road?Trying to encourage the lgbt community is NOT going to work. The problem is that when a hate crime is reported the incident doses not automatically go to a hate crime police officer! Most of the incidents go to untrained officers, which unfortunately has a predictable result, in that the victim is treated badly by the untrained officer.“Once bitten, twice shy”What we need is for the incidents to go automatically to hate crime police officers!

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