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Gay sheep experiments outrage campaigners

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Reader comments

  1. elizabeth veldon 3 Jan 2007, 4:58pm

    just who is funding this ‘reserch.’the reszerch into the ‘gay gene’ was stoped because it wasn’t a life threatening condition and so no public funding was forthcoming. So who’s funding this then?

  2. Gender confused carpet pythons!! Ugh! - 12 Jan 2011, 5:43am

    […] Re: Gender confused carpet pythons!! Ugh! Well it do happens… My friend had a stunning Chinese crested she saved, Frasse… She was friends with this breeder who had another male I dont remember the name on… Now Frasse and this male were the best of friends… Frasse won a lot of shows, and he got several titles so they were going to mate him with this price winning female as well.. She goes into a high heat, Frasse was playign with his friend and totally ignored a fully willing female to keep on playing with his best friend… as a matter of fact BOTH males ignored her… They removed Frasses friend and he still ignored the female, then they tried the other male for studd and they had to remove Frasse first then nature could take it's course… After that they decided that his drive was too low and there was probably a natural reason for it hence he shouldn't be breed so he never studded which was sad his temper and disposition was just as amazing as his looks very mild and nice doggy. But some animals just are quirky.. in the UK they had issues with gay sheeps that wouldn't mate either… so if it happens in the mammalian world it might happen in reptile too.. I do suspet that this might just been a switch up, god knows its hard to determind reptiles *lol* A little link about gay sheep.. Gay sheep experiments outrage campaigners – Pink News […]

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