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Gay activists fear for Sexual Orientation Regulations

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Reader comments

  1. As it has just been stated on the local news here that homophobic attacks are on the increase in Brighton, by 42%, and some police cheif said that we have to get it perpestive, what ever that means? I really feel now that the new bill will not come about. Dear Stonewall you need to understand that trying to turn us all in to middle class gay people with labradors and a volvo does not fit into gay life. All the laws that you are so proud of backing and instaling in our society are not being adhered too.If fact homphobia has increased. We are always going to be treated a s aliens in this counrty and I think that you as our main contact with this govenment needs to realise this. Why have you not set up a petition on line for Ruth Kelly to resign. I would gladly send money to that fighting fund. All we can do is sit here and moan and grip at the news storys on this site, as good as they are. The single gay man can do very little, as group we could really make a difference. And for the gay community in general pull your finger out. What has happen to us over the last few years has been great, but it can just as easily be taken away, and if the new bill comes in with clauses it will not be worth the paper it is written on. Any homophobe will use any loop hole he/she can to get out of giving us the fair deal that we so diserve

  2. Anonymous 3 Jan 2007, 4:25pm

    I was shocked and appalled when I read that “All we can do is sit here and moan and grip at the news stories”. Have you actually READ the “Sexual Orientation Regulations” as they are written for submission? Have you actually READ the “Coherent and Cohesive Voice” arguments for yourself? Have you taken the time to think through the issues that others may have against the particular points of the proposed regulations? COULD any of what they fear come true? If so, then they have a legitimate concern, don’t they? If not, then PUT IT IN WRITING. Amend the Regulations to address and eliminate any false concerns they may have so that it passes without complaint.Any ONE person who reads this post CAN do as I have suggested. EVERYONE who cares about this issue CAN send in “revisions” to the appropriate contacts to have their voices heard. Out of the thousands of IDEAS can come the solution for ALL.

  3. Actually I don’t believe that the Church of England and certainly not the bulk of its congregation is at all supportive of the shrill homophobes typified by a handful of woefully ignorant Bishops and the Christian Institute whose activities are likely to be severely curtailed by the Act if it is implimented as currently laid down .The Christian Institute has peddled nothing but squalid low anti-homosexual bigotry much of which will be outlawed by the Act – hence it is fighting for its life.How nice if the £1,200,000 it has raised for yet another new HQ is given instead to Christian Aid to alleviate poverty and suffering in Africa.That would be a Christian act but I doubt if it would receive much support from the Institute and its adherents. Meanwhile I personally will regard any watering down of the Act as a consequence of Mrs Kelly’s Roman Catholic allegiances and to the attitudes of the proto-Prime Minister , Gordon Brown.Stonewall in this event should seek assurances from David Cameron’s Conservatives that the Bill would be amended to include all its proper provisions during the first Parliament of a new Conservative Government.Then the Gay Community, now recognised as 3.5 million adults strong, would know how to vote in the forthcoming General Election.WE HAVE POLITICAL MUSCLE – LET US USE IT AND MAKE OURSELVES COUNT.

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