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Christians ask the Queen to block gay protection

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Reader comments

  1. FFS – when will these god botherers learn – the majority of people believe in real things… not myths.2,000 members of a reactionary right wing group do not a democracy make.FYI – the Head Of The Church of England is a chap called God. As his existence is open to question at the very least there is some doubt over whether these petitions will receive any response. Lillibet is merely a superintendent of the Church.

  2. The concern is wether the bigotry of these “lawyers”, also affects their involvement in the due process of law.

  3. er the article says the queen is supreme governor of the church and head of state – not that she is head of the church of england

  4. Graduate hands back Oxford degree over Christian Concern conference « MasterAdrian's Weblog 1 Mar 2012, 1:57pm

    […] Christian Concern once petitioned the Queen to block the Sexual Orientation Regulations protections for gays in the pr…. […]

  5. Don Harrison 1 Mar 2012, 3:19pm

    The Queen is too sensible to get involved
    in petty squabbles.

  6. So they are asking for the right to discriminate people. Niiiiice….

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