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  • 9th January 2006

    COMMENT: Who is Lord Morrow? 15

    DUP peer Lord Morrow secured today's debate in the House of Lords, calling on the Queen to rescind the Sexual Orientation Regulations.

    2:43 PM — PinkNews.co.uk's Tony Grew provides some background on today's debate in the House of Lords on the Sexual Orientation Regulations. Northern Ireland is a religious place, probably the most devout part of the UK. Church attendance is high, for both Protestants and Catholics. It is also a place used to bigotry.Those two aspects of Northern Irish society have come together over the new regulations that outlaw discrimination against LGBT people when trying to access services.

  • Gay Christians speak out against fundamentalists 15

    Rev Kirker expressed his disgust at the hostility Christian fundamentalists are showing towards gay and lesbian people.

    12:00 PM — The head of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement has spoken out against religious fundamentalists ahead of today's House of Lords debate on the Sexual Orientation Regulations.Rev Richard Kirker, in a statement to PinkNews.co.uk, expressed his shame at some Christian groups who have taken the position that they should be exempted from the regulations, which outlaw discrimination against LGBT people when accessing services.

  • Stonewall lobbies peers over discrimination regulations 15

    The Sexual Orientation Regulations took effect in Northern Ireland on January 1st.

    12:00 PM — PinkNews.co.uk exclusive Staff at the gay rights organisation Stonewall have been lobbying members of the House of Lords ahead of today's debate on the Sexual Orientation Regulations.Chief Executive Ben Summerskill told PinkNews.co.uk that the organisation had been working for weeks to persuade peers to vote down Lord Morrow's proposal.

  • NY court rules gay post-nup is legal but wedding is not

    New York law does not recognise same-sex marriages, and therefore Judge Phyllis Gangel-Jacob threw out Gonzalez's divorce petition.

    11:36 AM — A legal agreement made between two gay men is still valid, despite the fact that that their wedding is not legal, a New York court has ruled.Steven Green, 41, and David Gonzalez, 29, travelled to Massachusetts on Valentines Day 2005 to get married.Seven months later, when the relationship broke down, lawyers for Mr Green drew up a separation agreement.

  • Christians and Muslims gear up for Westminster protest 15

    The purpose of tonight's House of Lords debate is to call on the government to withdraw the regulations from Northern Ireland.

    10:17 AM — Fundamentalist Christians are preparing for a torchlight protest outside the Houses of Parliament this evening, designed to show their disapproval of new regulations to protect gay people from discrimination.Christian Concern for Our Nation are organising the outdoor event, which will coincide with a debate in the House of Lords about the Sexual Orientation Regulations' introduction in Northern Ireland at the start of this month.

  • Murderer to marry gay paedophile lover behind bars 2

    Beggs will be the first prisoner to have a civil partnership behind bars

    12:00 AM — A convicted murderer has been granted permission to marry his gay paedophile lover behind bars. However, the prison service will not let them to share a cell.William Beggs, 42, known as the "Limbs in the Loch Killer," was jailed for life in 2001. Beggs drugged, raped and murdered 18 year-old Barry Wallace before dumping his head in the sea and his limbs and torso into Loch Lomond. He escaped to Amsterdam where he eventually surrendered to police.

  • Mormon cinema owner bans Brokeback Mountain

    Brokeback Mountain's distributor, Focus Features claims that Mr Miller “reneged on their licensing agreement” by not showing the critically acclaimed film

    12:00 AM — A cinema in Utah has pulled out of screening the gay cowboy movie Brokeback Mountain.The Jordan Commons Megaplex cinema in Salt Lake City is owner Larry Miller, a member of the anti-gay Mormon movement.Brokeback Mountain's distributor, Focus Features claims that Mr Miller "reneged on their licensing agreement" by not showing the critically acclaimed film.

  • 7th January 2006

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  • Gay rights groups ask the US government why they’re being spied on

    C. Dixon Osburn of SLDN said the gay community is alarmed to know the government have been spying on them

    12:00 AM — A group representing lesbian and gay soldiers has today filed a Freedom of Information request with the US government to ascertain the extent of Pentagon spying of gay rights groups based in major universities.The Service-members Legal Defence Network (SLDN), have filed the request on behalf of themselves and 13 other lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organizations, seeking information related to the Pentagon's domestic spy program.

  • 6th January 2006

    Barbie turns you transsexual- US Christian group 8

    The dolls of both Barbie and her boyfriend Ken lack gender defining sexual organs.

    12:00 AM — A right wing fundamentalist Christian group has warned that Barbie is not just a child's toy, but also a tool for the "homosexual agenda."The Concerned Women for America, a conservative group that "promotes Biblical values," made the claim based on a survey on the doll's website, which asked users whether they were "A Boy," "A Girl" or "I Don't Know."The group claims that the toy's manufacturer, Mattel, has "overstepped a line" and accused it of joining forces with the "transgender movement."

  • Government funded report claims Kevin Spacey is gay 1

    Mr Spacey, 46, has been included in a list of prominent gays including the writer Oscar Wilde and the camp television presenters Graham Norton and Dale Winton.

    12:00 AM — The Hollywood star Kevin Spacey has been named as a prominent gay man in a report funded by the Department of Education.The report forms part of a series of lesson plans put together by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Group (LGBT) to be used in schools as part of the group's 'Its History Month' taking place in February. The Department of Education is believed to be contributing £20,000 to the project.

  • Gay rights group to challenge moves to end gay marriages in Massachusetts

    GLAD say Massachusetts Attorney General Thomas Reilly “simply got it wrong“

    12:00 AM — A gay rights legal organisation today challenged a ruling that allowed a petition drive for a constitutional amendment that would end same-sex marriages in Massachusetts.Massachusetts Attorney General Thomas Reilly "simply got it wrong" in September when he certified VoteOnMarriage's marriage amendment for a petition drive, said Gary Buseck, legal director of Gay Lesbian Advocates Defenders (GLAD), which filed its lawsuit before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

  • D.C. considers gay rights plan

    The change is unlikely to result in gay marriages

    12:00 AM — The Washington D.C. city council announced over the weekend it is considering expanding rights for gay and lesbian couples, but that doesn't include legalising equal marriage rights.D.C. council member Jim Graham told the Washington Post that he is: "seriously considering" introducing a bill that would legalise marriage for gay and lesbian couples who live in the district.Analysts believe it could be a difficult piece of legislation to push through.

  • 5th January 2006

    Gay comic Michael Barrymore heads Big Brother cast

    Mr Barrymore, 53, is best known as the host of the hit ITV game show Strike It Lucky in the 1980s and 1990s (Photo: Joy Padmore)

    12:00 AM — Michael Barrymore, the gay former TV host, has entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in Elstree.Mr Barrymore, 53, is best known as the host of the hit ITV game show Strike It Lucky in the 1980s and 1990s.In an interview filmed before entering the Big Brother House, he said, "if people want to call it a come back they can, but I haven't be away."

  • Police raid ‘illegal’ gay club in India 2

    Homosexual sex was criminalised during British colonial rule in 1861

    12:00 AM — Indian police today confirmed that they have raided an underground gay club and arrested four men on charges of homosexuality.Homosexuality is a criminal in the Commonwealth country and can result in prison terms of up to ten years.Police officers in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, raided premises in Lucknow, arresting four males and seizing more than a thousand telephone numbers of people connected to the gay club housed there.

  • New York elects first gay speaker

    Ms Quinn wept several times, thanking her father and her partner, Kim Catullo who were sitting in the public gallery

    12:00 AM — New York City Council yesterday elected its first woman and first openly gay speaker.Christine Quinn, a 39-year-old Democrat, becomes the second highest-ranking official in the city after the mayor, Michael Bloomberg.The role of the speaker is to act as a check and balance to the executive authority of the mayor. It is, in effect, a similar position to the chairman of the London Assembly.

  • 4th January 2006

    Comment: Can we tolerate homophobia for much longer? 12

    Perhaps Sir Iqbal should consider what the inclusion of “Britain” in the name of his organisation means

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk's Benjamin Cohen takes a personal look at the controversy concerning the comments made by Sir Iqbal Sacranie on the radio.It used to be the case that libertarians and liberals could argue with some justification that tolerance is a necessary part of a liberal society. As a liberal, I could say to Sir Iqbal: "I disagree with you but I tolerate the right for you to be intolerant." But can we still continue be tolerant of those who show so little respect for our liberal way of life.

  • ‘Moderate’ Muslim leader says being gay is immoral 12

    Sir Iqbal told the BBC: “[homosexuality] in terms of the moral issues that comes along in a society, it is not acceptable

    12:00 AM — The leader of the Muslim Council of Great Britain has sparked condemnation by religious and political leaders, after he claimed in a radio interview that gay relationships are damaging the foundations of society, and that homosexuality carries unusually high health risks.Sir Iqbal Sacranie, heads the Muslim Council of Britain, labelled by many as a moderate Islamic group that engages with the British political system.

  • 3rd January 2006

    Scottish Cardinal denounces gay marriages 4

    The Cardinal said: “we live at a time when the truth of marriage and family is obscured and distorted“

    12:00 AM — The leader of Scotland's Roman Catholic Church has attacked the country's government ministers for undermining the sanctity of marriage by allowing "gay weddings".Archbishop of Edinburgh, Cardinal Keith O'Brien, is also set to launch an attack on the Scottish Executive for cutting the minimum separation period of divorce.In his New Year's Day homily at St Mary's Cathedral in Edinburgh, the cardinal said that during 2006, he would urge the Executive in particular to give "unequivocal support" to marriage.

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