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Was life easier for gays under Saddam?

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  1. Well nice to hear all the excuses from you “good” person.Lets have him kill again you say.Damn you devils advocates,if only ppl like you would suffer those horrible faiths that Saddams or every other killers,torturers,rapists victims feel then i would be pro life.Until then shut up and watch him hang you worthless human scum protecting evil and giving it power not fear for their actions!

  2. Well i didnt read the article trough before posting my first comment.Went mad before your excellent cell treatment part.I would support that.So sorry and dont hold this against me,because i have read many human rights activists saying that he shold be left alive,put him in comfortable ***** “Hotel Cell” in Hague and let him be bored into a heartattack from useless blabber about hes crimes.

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