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NHS to cut transgender operations

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Reader comments

  1. Thought this would happen. It’s the obvious conclusion to allowing ‘non ops’ to obtain Gender Recognition Certificates. If people no longer need surgery to change sex legally, why should the NHS have to provide it?Thanks a lot Press For Change!

  2. Lisa ,what if someone can not have surgery because of underlying health conditions ? does that make then any less male or female ???

  3. I wonder on what grounds this has been declared an “unessential service”. The mismatch between mind and body ruins the lives of transsexuals left untreated – many find that they cannot go on living without the prospect of receiving sexual reassignment surgery. As Dr James Bellringer of the Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic says:”If you don’t offer anorexics treatment one fifth die; if you don’t offer transsexuals treatment one fifth commit suicide. Now you wouldn’t seriously suggest that you don’t try treating anorexia. We’re not going to stop treating gender dysphoria just because it happens to be a surgical treatment–it’s the only treatment that’s effective.”I know that a some people will equate sexual reassignment with any other sort of ‘cosmetic surgery’, but transgenderism is more than just a *dissatisfaction* with your body – it is a medical condition (neurological?) usually felt as an irresistable drive to free your self from the wrongness of your body – one way or another.

  4. jessica james 31 Dec 2006, 7:19am

    i would like to ask how does the person who had this idea sleep at night will take more than horlicks with deaths on there hands?

  5. elizabeth veldon 31 Dec 2006, 1:23pm

    why am i not suprised at this? Regardless of what some may claim this is a Cinderela service.There is little or no monotering of practitioners in this field, gross underfunding and horific waiting times. Here in glasgow we have (or used to have untill funding got cut) the only clinic that as well as being outside of a Mental Health setting included counceling, a Nurse service, clinitians and psychiatrists under one roof. Regardless of how sucessfull this model was they where refused funding to continue with an inhouse Psychirtist. No one gives a flying realy.

  6. It’s obvious why this has happened. And it will happen all through the PCT’s now. As soon as Whittle and his pals starting saying ‘we actually don’t need surgery, we just need legal reconition’ (GRA) It left the door wide open for the NHS to save some cash by saying: if it’s not really necessary surgery then we are calling it ‘elective’ and won’t fund it. And who can fault the logic?At least Whittle and his PFC pals done ok out of because they got their gongs and couchy jobs. Stuff the rest of us! Now there is a load of ‘transgender’ legally recognised ‘men’ with vaginas and ‘women’ with penises who had no intention of ever getting surgey anyway, While the genuine TS’s are left unfunded. When will the genuine TS’s wake up to PFC’s LGB agenda?

  7. elizabeth veldon 3 Jan 2007, 4:53pm

    Lisa,Why do you have such a problem with people opting not to have surgery? they are not the problem but the shocking Genderphobia prevelent in sociaty and expressed perfectly in this news story.If you needed surgery then the majority of FtMs would never be allowed Gender Recognition as they don’t get Phaloplasties.

  8. This is outrageous. The difference between breast enhancement and tattoo removal is they are COSMETIC. For trans people, these operations are life changing and very much essential. The NHS are a bunch of Nazis.

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  10. We need support for the families as well. I think the transgender doctors need to talk to all of the family to see what sort of life the person has had. Or if they have friends encouraging them – who can be the most outrageous!

  11. Advise for anyone suffering. If you have access to credit cards,loans,get what you can and go overseas for opp’s come back and go bankrupt and get on benifits STUFF the P.C.T. AND THE N.H.S. At least you will feel at one with your own body and be ready for what life has to throw at you. N.H.S. was started for fair for all treatment i.e. People with little or no monny.Well that’s a joke.

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