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Gay Lib Dem defects to the Tories

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Reader comments

  1. “Mr Porter had already been chosen by Lib Dem activists to contest the Camberwell Peckham constituency for the party at the next election”No! He has not been reselected to fight CP at next election (the selection hasn’t take place yet). He was just the 2005 PPC.

  2. Better late than never Richard, the Lib Dems have ruined Southwark. I wouldn’t trust them to run a bath let alone a borough.The only thing that is keeping them in power here at the moment is the intervention of the local Conservatives who are shoring up there administration having taken control of two key portfolios that the loony Lib Dems do not have elected members competent enough to fill.It escapes me how things have become so twisted in Southwark, the Lib Dems are so far to the right its untrue, the (New) Labour group, like the government is also squarely right of centre, leaving the Conservatives undoubtedly the most left wing of the three main parties.

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