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Transsexual calls for gender education

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Reader comments

  1. ms Paula symonds 27 Dec 2006, 10:43pm

    I also received such treatment for two years, the police were not interested after many complaints to high officials somthing was done then i moved away .one of the gang of youths was a policemans.I had hours of tapes and evidence no one acted on them til after all the damage was done phisicly and mentally

  2. “Humberside Police’s equality and diversity spokesman Adil Khan told the paper this would not be tolerated”But it is! Have they arrested anyone, charged anyone, has anyone got an ASBO? I think we know the answer…

  3. daisy Draper 28 Dec 2006, 11:51am

    Hello,I write as a transgenderd person.Early last year the BBC Radio4 current affairs section encouraged high schools to add to the curriculum for one day the subject of Gender Diversity, I don’t know how many schools took this up.Daisy Draper,Isle of Wight.

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