An American Football player has been fined for using homophobic language.

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Joey Porter has been given a $10,000 fine by the National Football League, for using an anti-gay language to describe Cleveland Browns tight end Kellen Winslow, following a game between the two teams earlier this month.

Cameras captured Porter’s use of the word ‘fag’ in an interview after a game earlier this month.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Ron Cook and other commentators and community activists had called on Porter to apologise.

The linebacker did eventually apologise but added that he did not “mean to offend anybody but Kellen Winslow.”

One of only three NFL players to ever publicly reveal his homosexuality, recently accused the league of being homophobic.

Former New York Giants offensive lineman Roy Simmons said he wasn’t granted media access to the game because he is gay and HIV positive, and because he has said other pro football players are closeted homosexuals.