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Couple awarded for homophobia

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  1. Michael Regan 23 Dec 2006, 3:44pm

    As I understood it, this is not what fully happened. From another article, the couple in question were the ones handing out leaflets at a gay rally that promoted the christian institute against homosexuals.When arrested by the police for homophobia, they brought the police to court, won the out of court settlement, and paided christian institute all the money for it.This sets the worst kind of moral issue for gay campainers now, because anyone who heard the case might think it possible to get away with homophobic attacks and also get away with getting thousends of pounds for it.

  2. yes they have got away with it at present because there is no specific law that includes gay people. But hopefully if Ruth kelly pulls her finger out and does not include a conscience clause this sort of thing will cease

  3. I write about Helen and Joe Roberts as a non gay male. Once all the older folk die off we won’t be seeing cases like this as the future younger society of tomorrow will accept homosexuality as normal so give it time all you gays out there as you’ll eventually rule the world,the population numbers will dip,which is good for mother earth and everybody will be happy..or should that be gay!!

  4. oh dear another poor soul that thinks you can make some one gay. In the recent pass I have spoken to two of my local church heads. Both welocme the gay community and both hate what some fractions of the church are saying about us. Gay people will never take over the world as we are born gay, only mother nature will take care of the percentages. I think that what scares me most is the ignorance. After all if gay people become more and more accepted into society, what would be left for people to blame. Also what would they use to shame people. Nothing. Then perhaps all they will be left with is proof, and perhaps that whats scares them the most?

  5. Tom Forrest 24 Dec 2006, 6:42pm

    I’m now going to sue Visitscotland

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