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Lesbian comic key to ratings

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  1. I feel just as badly for Rosie as I do for the members of the Asian Community who might have felt insulted by her remarks. Rosie has done so much ‘good’ for gay and lesbians world-wide as well as for other minorities that her true intentions as well as her sincere motivation is known as fact. In addition, her heart is always in the right place if, unfortunately, at times, her mouth is not. I saw the show in question and I’m absolutely certain that Rosie was not in anyway mocking any race or in anyway being mean-spirited. In fact, I contend that the Asian Journalists Association in the guise of Ms. Astudillo had it in for Rosie as well as a few others of the same ilk. Rosie is no Mel Gibson and her detractors haven’t done anyone any favor except themselves!

  2. What’s wrong with the world today – Everyone just seems to be waiting for someone else to commit parapraxes before they jump all over them and blow the into a maelstrom.

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