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Christmas comes early for gay equality

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Reader comments

  1. R. Kernohan, Co. Antrim, NORTH 22 Dec 2006, 11:31am

    With the end of apartheid in 1994 and the recent announcement that the South African government is to rule in favour of full same sex marriages… it’s wonderful and encouraging to see a country that has taken it’s brave steps to total equality.You then take a western country like Northern Ireland where the majority of our Protestant politicitions and Christian leaders can’t even talk about gay rights but prefer to talk of us as diseased and sinners who are the surge on humanity. The very fact that the people who have a say in our future can’t even debate the subject but prefer to scare monger the general public into believing that we want to take over the schools system is depressing to say the least.The new Sexual Orientation Regulations that are being push though the system will help… but an overall shift in mind-set is require too. The majority of leaders in Northern Ireland will do their utmost to quash Gay Rights for another generation. The only thing that inspires me to hold my head up unashamedly is that I consider myself a Protestant Christian who believes he’s a good neighbour, a good person and BORN GAY… and that’s good enough for me. To those anti-Gay Church leaders and politicitions who believe I shouldn’t be allowed to sit in a restaurant or share a bus with straight people… I say “shame on you”. History will judge them, not the Gay population on this country.

  2. Bloodly well said. All the best Ireleand, lets hope the UK follows soon.

  3. Anthony Venn-Brown 3 Jan 2007, 3:14am

    What Ps Eric McComb doesn’t realise is that in different parts of the world there are now gay pentecostals. I was Australias first. Although the official stand has not yet changed there are a growing number who have realised that the same sex attraction doesn’t mean they are evil or sick.We have a growing network of people from pentecostal backgrounds now.I was a leader in the Assemblies of God in Australia and have written my story about resolving the issues. Others now realise they are not alone and its helping them as well to begin to love who they are.i’m sure this minister is of the old school legalistic approach.Anthony Venn-Brown

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