Gay star George Michael completed his greatest hits tour this week with a free concert for NHS nurses.

He performed in front of 2000 medical workers and was introduced by comedian Catherine Tate at the Roundhouse Theatre in North London.

The event fulfils a promise by the singer to provide a free show to the profession if he ever performed again.

He said: “Almost ten years ago, during the last week of my mother’s life, I told my friends and family that if I ever played my own concerts again, I would make sure to do a free one for NHS nurses.

Michael described the nurses as “incredible people.”

“I realised just how undervalued these amazing people are. And so I want to thank them with a Xmas concert, I can’t wait.

“Neither can the tour crew, for entirely different reasons,” he said.

Also in the audience were Little Britain’s David Walliams and comic Ricky Gervais.