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Alaska Governor commits to gay benefits

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Reader comments

  1. Don’t fool yourself. She vetoed a bill that would have withdrawn state benefits for gay couples – why, because she could have been held in contempt of the state supreme court if she didn’t do so. Contempt of court is a criminal offense in the USA.

    Ms Palin has stated that she is opposed to any benefits or recognition of gays legally, would outlaw birth control and abortion, and would most likely turn our schools over to right wing churches. America under Palin (McCain has had cancer twice, and will be the oldest ever new president) would just become a christian theocracy, where religious freedom would be destroyed for all except the extremists.

    Of course, she and her family values, which include Abstinence vs birth control, etc., gave her a new grandchild on the way. Her unmarried daughter is pregnant. Babies having babies. Nice.

  2. You can put lipstick on a pig, but the pig remains a pig. John McCains says “America First” so why did he choose this lady Elmer Gantry for his running mate? Because he put his own election first, not America. God save us all if McPalin win.

  3. Sarah Palin - En Skræmmende Tanke I Det Hvide Hus « Das Zimmer 1 Dec 2008, 1:44am

    […] Angående homoseksuelles ret til at gifte sig, er hun stærkt imod, og ville støtte en afstemning om at fratage homoseksuelle par deres ret til statsydelser. […]

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