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21 December 2006

  • 21st December 2006

    Alaska Governor commits to gay benefits 3

    Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has reluctantly agreed to follow the state Supreme Court ruling that same sex partners should receive equal benefits

    12:00 AM — Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has reluctantly agreed to follow the state Supreme Court ruling that same sex partners should receive equal benefits to heterosexual couples.The court ruled on the issue in October 2005 and Ms Palin, a Republican, has vowed to introduce a law from next month.

  • Irish lesbian couple appeal marriage ruling 2

    Lawyers for the State have insisted the pair have no right to marry under the Constitution

    12:00 AM — A lesbian couple are to appeal a High Court decision which said their Canadian marriage could not be recognised in Ireland.Last week, Ms Justice Elizabeth Dunne dismissed the case of Katherine Zappone and Ann Louise Gilligan claiming that marriage could only be defined between members of the opposite sex, but the couple will now take their case to Ireland's Supreme Court.

  • Gay law group ensures New Jersey union fairness 46

    “In New York there has been widespread respect for same-sex couples' marriages entered in Canada, but far less respect for civil unions“

    12:00 AM — In an effort to ensure that same-sex couples in New Jersey are treated fairly under the new civil union law to be signed today by Governor Corzine, Lambda Legal has launched 'Civil Union Watch', an advocacy and monitoring programme."The law isn't even in effect yet and already we're seeing news reports of mayors planning to discriminate against same-sex couples," said David Buckel, Senior Counsel at Lambda Legal and lead attorney on the lawsuit that resulted in the October court decision and ultimately to today's civil union law.

  • EU gay campaigners encourage Pride in Moldova

    The Intergroup called on the state authorities to stop all actions which are in violation of the fundamental right to assembly

    12:00 AM — As the start of the Pride Season 2007 comes closer on the LGBT community calendars, the European Parliament's Intergroup on Gay and Lesbian Rights focused its attention on the situation in Moldova.Since 2005, attempts to organise Pride marches in favour of equality and diversity have been stopped by the authorities, recently, the organiser of these Pride Marches, GenderDoc-M, has been receiving further harassment from the authorities disabling its work.

  • Researchers slam anti-gay use of work

    The academic explains that there is nothing in her research that would lead anyone to agree with claims that gay and lesbian families are unhealthy

    12:00 AM — Researchers have criticised 'family values' chief James Dobson for using their work to prove his theories that gay and lesbian families are unhealthy for children.Mr Dobson, head of anti-gay group Focus on the Family, wrote an article in Time magazine criticising US Vice-President Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter over her parenting plans, he backed up his theories by using research from New York University psychologist Carol Gilligan and Yale professor Kyle Pruet.

  • Gay campaigners celebrate The L Word

    Gay campaigners at the HRC and Showtime Networks have partnered together for all four seasons of the show

    12:00 AM — The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and Showtime Networks Inc. are teaming up to host more than three dozen nationwide premiere events for the fourth season of lesbian drama The L Word.Gay campaigners at the HRC and Showtime Networks have partnered together for all four seasons of the show by hosting events with complimentary admission in cities across the country.

  • George Michael performs for ‘incredible’ nurses 4

    Michael described the nurses as “incredible people”

    12:00 AM — Gay star George Michael completed his greatest hits tour this week with a free concert for NHS nurses.He performed in front of 2000 medical workers and was introduced by comedian Catherine Tate at the Roundhouse Theatre in North London.The event fulfils a promise by the singer to provide a free show to the profession if he ever performed again.

  • California Activists welcome gay marriage review

    “The people who represent Californians in the state Legislature have already passed a bill that would remove all doubt that same-sex couples are free to marry in the Golden State, but Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed it“

    12:00 AM — Gay groups have welcomed a decision by the California Supreme Court to decide whether excluding same-sex couples from marriage is a violation of the state's constitution.The court announced yesterday that it will review an October decision by a lower court in the state which stated that banning gay marriage was not discriminatory.

  • Gay couple postpone ‘divorce’ 2

    The couple had been together for three years prior to their partnership

    12:00 AM — A gay man who was due to become the first to have a civil partnership dissolved has postponed the "divorce" to avoid being a "poster boy" for same sex couple's ending their partnerships.The civil partnership laws were implemented in the UK exactly a year ago today, meaning anyone wanting a 'divorce' can apply from now, however Darryl Bullock has deliberately avoided using today's date to avoid unwanted publicity.

  • Italy shocked by gay nativity scene

    It comes after conservative students at the University of Texas created a novel Nativity scene, with a gay couple called Gary and Joseph standing in for the Holy Family

    12:00 AM — Two Italian politicians have caused outrage in the country after placing a pair of dolls representing a gay couple in the parliament nativity scene.The Radical Party's Bruno Mellano and Donatella Porretti admitted the stunt and said it was to show support for gay union laws being proposed in the country.

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