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Smoking- giving up is hard to do

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Reader comments

  1. Bar Manager 11 Oct 2006, 7:55am

    I don’t think gay bars in soho welcomed the idea at all – rather your editor welcomed it. Most venues I spoke to are dreading the downturn in sales.

  2. For the attention of Audrey Lewis;I would be extremely careful with this. Controlling peoples behaviour and their choice to smoke in the open air is a step toward a world I DO NOT want to see.The current attitude of Government to create laws to control behaviour is becoming intolerable.I have spoken often of this trend and none of you would seem to be listening. That is very foolish.I would only say this;If ANYONE, with whatever power, EVER tries to stop me smoking in the open, a political storm will be triggered the like of which Westminster council [Or any other local council, for that matter] has never before encountered.I WILL NOT be dictated to on the grounds that a Government has decided to create a legacy for itself and has decided that smokers are a good target. The language being used is almost medieval with regard to these disgusting, trouble making evildoers. There is no concrete data showing that out door smoking harms anyone passively and using these spurious excuses to stop people from doing it is ridiculous. I am a tax paying member of this society and do not break any laws and never have. I am, in fact, very active in contributing where I can and have a great deal of admiration in certain circles for doing so.But a warning. If these measures continue unabated, and you restrict my choices further, you will be seeing a change. The repercussions of that, on the future, could be exponential and require only a few words spoken.My powers [look Motna up on your database] are considerable and I can use them as i wish when my liberty is threatened or I see injustice being done. They have proved quite remarkable, in the past.I fully appreciate your desire to protect the darling public but do not take this obsession too far.You have done enough; now focus your scant resources on dealing with issues which are in more dire need of attention like inner city crime and disorder. Or is that too big a social issue for you to deal with?MOTNA

  3. Thank *GOD*. It’s about time. You never know, income may actually go up as people like me who wouldn’t go near a gay bar at the moment for fear of our lungs giving up on the spot, might just cross the threshold…

  4. David Jessop 14 Dec 2006, 7:26pm

    This facist government has gone to far and it is about time they were put out to pasture. Who the hell are they to dictate what we must do?

  5. For me, smoking is a coping mechanism. I don’t like living in a world whose subtext is that I’m second-rate. I’m not going to gather enough assets to have any kind of quality of life when I can’t work anymore. Me giving up smoking would have me suiciding in the near future as opposed to suiciding at 65. So, you see, smoking’s prolonging my life. I’m not being clever here – I’m saying that I hate sharing this world with neo-puritans.

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