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Homophobes target The Archers

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  1. As long as gay weddings/marriages in England continue to be reported as “gay weddings” then it is clear that the “civil partnership” scheme is not really giving gay and lesbian couples equal standing.Is everyone in England now happy with this separate and not equal status? I hope not.I hope the British people will soon demand truly equal recognition in the form of civil marriage.

  2. P.Brownsey@philosophy.arts.gla 12 Dec 2006, 1:34pm

    You report the IPW as saying:”Where a will has been made before a marriage or Civil Partnership, the participants become intestate (i.e. without a valid will) because any previous will is revoked, unless it has a specific wording to say that it will not be revoked by such a situation.”Is that true?If it is true, is it true of the *whole* of the UK or only of England and Wales? I live in Scotland and after an earlier scare like this I consulted a Scots lawyer who assured me that our wills are NOT invalidated by our civil partnership, even tho’ our wills say nothing in anticipation of a marriage or civil partnership.I tried to contact the IPW but their website seems to have no means for members of the public to contact them.Paul BrownseyGlasgow

  3. A kiss in a polytonal (see caption)??!! Well, if you were listening in surround sound with each speaker tweaked to produce a different pitch, I guess it might be polytonal.

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