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Archbishop ignores homophobic bullying

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Reader comments

  1. He told “We are saddened that a week after the Archbishop of Birmingham claimed Christians wanted to be entitled to turn gays away from certain goods and services, he gives an indication that he doesn’t think homophobic bullying should be take seriously isnt this a form of bullying, singling people out and targeting them , by not reposending to there request?

  2. Lets not forget the murder Joe Geeling that murder would not of happened if his faith school was friendly to gay youngsters?

  3. Craig’s comment below is absolutely on the button…the homophobia peddled by the “Hitler Jugend” Pope is an absolute disgrace that is dismissed as out of touch by virtually all of the Catholic countries in Europe none more so than Italy.Catholics in Britain number no more than 7 million out of a population of 60 million.The Catholic clergy should shut up and “Opus Dei” Kelly had better watch her step as well as her weight!.

  4. Keiron Davies 14 Dec 2006, 6:01am

    There certainly is homophobic bullying in faith schools in England. I go to The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School, and I suffer said bullying every day.

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