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Gay activist deplores Holocaust denial conference

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  1. Jill Henrie 11 Dec 2006, 12:51pm

    Nobody denies what really happened to the Jews during WWII, that they were put in concentration camps, large numbers were killed in the liberated areas of the Soviet Union for being Marxist functionaries, large numbers of extremely emaciated people were found at the liberated concentration camps, 100s of corpses were found in piles at these camps, as well as many other abuses and atrocities.What is denied is The Burnt Offering, which is the proper definition of holocaust in the dictionary.The Talmud requires 6 million Jews to be burnt in ovens before Jews can return to the Promised Land. Jews also needed to create maximum sympathy in the West to accept what was viewed as an act of colonialization of Palestine by European Jews, and what was feared to create destabilization in that area. The Burnt Offering created this sympathy.So, the holocaust industry has taken images from what really happened and merely inserted the idea that this was proof that The Burnt Offering occured, as well.