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Ex-Tory leader undermines party’s ‘pro-gay’ image

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Reader comments

  1. This is tabloid journalism at it’s worst. I’m no Tory voter, but if you read the full document the quote is from, in context, it makes sense. Gay parents make up a tiny proportion of the group the study looke at, so it literally made no difference to the results – hence the quote. He wasn’t saying gays were “irrelevant” when it came to parenting in general.

  2. local to me lives the tory MP that had an affair with his interior decorator but had a terrible voting track record when it came to gay issues. I would like to vote Tory but as a gay man I really believe that a leopard never changes its spots. The Tory party core has always been homophobic and with IDS comments in context or not , should never have been said, esp. as I live some where, where kids run riot and have no respect. All of them coming from hetro households. So his straight family values dont work. Children need to be loved, and taught values and respect to every one. It shows you care. A gay person has just as much ability to do this as a straight person

  3. What is wrong with waht he said? Can gay sex ever produce a baby? Babies are produced by men and women through SEX. That is the truth of the matter. This is not homophobia. This is the truth.

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