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Media hails first gay divorce

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Reader comments

  1. Darryl W Bullock 9 Dec 2006, 9:06am

    I object to the suggestion that I ‘took the bait’ in the story about the first gay couple to apply for a dissolution.I did not announce my impendng break for the sake of the press, nor for any reward. Nor was I hounded into making the announcement by the media. I simply answered an honest question to a BBC researcher when she contacted me wanting to do a piece on how great things were one year into a Civil Partnership.I’ve been appalled by the incredibly lazy standards of the gay media over this case – not one publication or website has bothered to contact me and discuss the situation first hand – at least the ‘straight’ media have attempted to get the true story, even if some factions have got it a little wrong.I would hope that, in future, PinkNews, and other gay media sites and publications would use a little integrity.

  2. Who cares?

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