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Civil partners not rushing to divorce

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  1. peterrivendell 5 Dec 2006, 11:15am

    Which is all very nice apart from the fact that Civil Partnerships are fundamentally discriminatory – this is apartheid not equality.

  2. I don’t understand gay people who promote marriage. Marriage has always been an institution for the suppression of women. Furthermore, it is totally out of date. In Belgium 2/3 of straight marriages and in divorce after a couple of years. More and more people live together without “tying the knot”. The only people who are interested in marriage seem to be some gays and lesbians, religious fundamentalists and the wedding business.

  3. peterrivendell 5 Dec 2006, 12:11pm

    There is an argument that the only reason that gay ‘marriage’, or in some countries gay marriage, is becoming allowed is that so much damage has been done to the institution of marriage through divorce, changing social attitudes towards co-habiting etc. that there is no longer any strong argument to bar gays from it – after all we’re just as good at infidelity and splitting up as they are… in other words, we can have it because they’re no longer that bothered…

  4. MMmm..well I lived with my partner from 1963 until his death after a three year battle with cancer ,in August 2005.Of course this was three and a half months short of the implementation of the Civil Partnership Act that had been delayed by the Chancellor who did not support Civil Partnerships. In consequence just a week after the funeral I had to begin to deal with my partner’s estate in order to pay Inheritance Tax on the value of his half of our home and all our savings and investments – something no widow or widower had to do.I would also have been entitled to some £6,000 a year from his pension,instead it stopped completely the month after he died and I have had nothing from it since.I also missed out on all the widow/widower State benefits ,like the 18month bereavement allowance (£30 a week) and also any entitlement to any part of his State pension.Until you examined the injustices that long-term gay couples suffered under the old system prior to the CPA,you could not understand the cruelty of it all.You even had to give Her Majesty’s Dept of Revenue and Customs a valuation of your dead partner’s clothes so that they could tax that!There were a very few couples fortunately where a partner died between the passing of the Partnership Bill in November 2004 ,the Finance Act in May 2005 and the delayed impementation of the CPA in December 2005.But even those who had paid £100 to have a Committment Ceremony as soon as they became available were ignored when they pleaded that they should not be disadvantaged by the Treasury Team’s delaying of the CPA implementation.My friends close to Labour Party circles tell me that this delay was entirely due to the Chancellor’s attitudes.As a “son of the Manse” he does not support any gay rights and what that portends for any further progress when he becomes the Prime Minister I do not know.Ben Summmerskill at the Equality Commission may have his work cut out to make any further progress ,he’ll likely get a better hearing from David Cameron and Alan Duncan.So do not decry the Civil Partnerships Act – in the future it will prevent many gay men and women experiencing the misery I have endured.It would have been interesting to see the outcry if the suggestion had been the removal of the Inheritance Tax exemption for widows and widowers and maybe in these straightened times reduced pension entitlements too. Hopefully no-one again will go through what I went through nursing my partner as cancer slowly killed him,suffering the bereavment and then being financially punished for our lives together.But then is no depth to the evil of the bigots that infest Britain’s political life and the way they use their corrupt version of the Bible to harm defencless and good people.After more than thirty years of Labour Party membership ,I understand that gay rights have come about through pressure from Europe not from any desire for them on the part of New Labour.Meg Munn’s claim tha

  5. Civil Partnerships..won with never a bomb or a bullet – just years of patient argument and a lot of suffering meanwhile.Interesting to contrast that with what was won for 600,000 catholics in Northern Ireland and how quickly after the blasting of Canary Wharf and Manchester City Centre.And the care and attention the Muslims get from our politicians. Peter Tatchel should get a lot more support than he does…Just how gutless are we?

  6. So what now? Are Britons now satisfied with their separate and not equal status in British society? Are they satisfied with their weddings and marriages always being reported as “weddings” and “marriages” so that it is made perfectly clear by the media that they are not real weddings or real marriages? Are they content with telling their friends and family that their future civil partner just asked them to civilly partner him and inviting people to their civil partnering? Will they ever get tired of hearing people argue that they don’t have to include them in activities for married couples because a civil partnership is NOT a MARRIAGE?Don’t get me wrong; this is a wonderful step and it should be celebrated. I’m just concerned that the gay community was thrown a bone from 10 Downing and is now perfectly content to remain tied up in the back garden, never to bark again.I for one will not lie down and be content with this bone. I intend to continue barking until I get moved INTO the house with all of the other tax paying, law abiding subjects of the Crown.

  7. Forget it Peter….you’ll get nothing from Gordon Brown.Once he is in Downing Street ,it is only going to get a lot,lot worse.

  8. At least with civil partnerships you are closer to not being second class ciizens in your country.I have been with my partner for 51 years, and we are still strangers before the law, and less than second class citizens here in the theocracy of the States.

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