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Archbishop aims to quell university gay feuds

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Reader comments

  1. The Archbishop says it is just a debate about Christian views and no one should have anything to fear from an argument. He is disingenuous. Jeffrey John was once able to call Rowan Williams a friend until he was betrayed and the Archbishop forced Jeffrey John out of his post as Bishop of Reading.This is not just a debate, someone’s livelihood and health were put at risk by Rowan Williams’ betrayal.

  2. “Dr Williams said that Christian views on gay sexual activity were often mistaken for hatred.”The trouble with so many so-called “Christian” views on LGBT issues is that they don’t understand the real issues at all, preferring to base their views on “what Pastor said” or the very unthinking (and unBiblical) maxim that “the Bible says it – I believe it – that settles it”. Moreover there are very few “mainstream” congregations that accept openly-LGBT people into membership. Consequently stereotypes, misinformation, bigotry hatred towards LGBT people thrive in a “Christian” context. Witness the insidiously widespread uptake by Christians of the lies and misinformation in the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship campaign against the SORs, resulting in the appalling content of the “Coherent Cohesive Voice” advert in the Times last week.As a gay Christian I’ve had it up to here with religious people who take offence when their grossly ignorant, abusive and bigoted attitudes to gay sex are described as “homophobic”. Dr Williams should be well aware of the very real problem of homophobia within the church. But if the reported remarks are correct, it seems that, instead of dealing with the problem head-on, he’s chosen to excuse it and sidestep it.

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