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07 December 2006

  • 7th December 2006

    Paris Hilton says she wants children 7

    Paris Hilton: “I want children“ (according to “sources“)

    12:00 AM — Gay icon Paris Hilton says that she wants to be a mum after spending time playing aunty to fellow icon Britney Spear's children.Hilton says that she's prepared to sacrifice her party animal lifestyle if it means finding a husband and having children.That's according to a "source" who told US gossip magazine, In Touch magazine.

  • Scotland rejects adoption prejudice

    Ms Cunningham's motion was heavily criticised by MSPs of all parties.

    12:00 AM — The Scottish Parliament this afternoon rejected a motion to block gay and lesbian couples from adopting by 98 votes to 11.The motion was proposed by Scottish Nationalist MSP Roseanna Cunningham. She told MSPs that the majority of Scots had concerns about gays adopting children.She added that in her opinion the best place for children to be raised was in a household with a mother and father.

  • Police promise more raids against gay hate

    The dawn raids, named Operation Athena, last Thursday, were part of a two-week initiative to put the fear back onto the offenders, and encourage victims to report crimes

    12:00 AM — Last week's police raids in London targeting suspected perpetrators of domestic, race hate and homophobic violence will not be the last, a member of the Metropolitan Police's Violent Crime Directorate has warned.DCI Gerry Campbell said last week's operation signals the Metropolitan Police Service's commitment to taking on hate crime offenders, but added that it is not a one off job.

  • Civil partners not rushing to divorce 8

    The 21st December 2006 marks the first opportunity for gay couples who have formed a civil partnership to have it dissolved

    12:00 AM — A group of gay lawyers specialising in same sex relationships, predicts few couples will apply to end a civil partnership when the first opportunity arrives on 21 December.Instead lawyers at QueerPod have seen an increase in gay clients in heterosexual marriages seeking a divorce to form a civil partnership.

  • Socialists urge MSP to resign over gay adoption view

    Solidarity party members have called on Ms Cunningham to accept SNP commitments to equality or resign

    12:00 AM — Scotland's socialist Party has condemned moves by Nationalist MSP Roseanna Cunningham to table amendments today which could effectively block gay couples from adopting children.Ms Cunningham argued ahead of a Holyrood debate today, that moves to allow the Bill to proceed would be "against nature's design."Solidarity party members have called on Ms Cunningham to accept SNP commitments to equality or resign.

  • Gay university staff face coming out fear 1

    Mr Frost said universities should be aware of their gay and lesbian staff as they are about race, gender and disability

    12:00 AM — There are still some elements of fear surrounding coming out in the workplace for lesbian and gay university staff, Stonewall claims.The gay charity has expressed fears that universities do not do enough to tackle equality as it is assumed that the institutions are automatically liberal.Stephen Frost, the manager of Stonewall's workplace programmes, said many lesbian, gay and bisexual staff fear coming out would limit their career opportunities or cause bullying.

  • Archbishop aims to quell university gay feuds 2

    Dr Williams said that Christian views on gay sexual activity were often mistaken for hatred

    12:00 AM — The Archbishop of Canterbury has criticised universities for reprimanding Christian Unions over their stance on homosexuality.Writing in the Times Higher Education Supplement, Dr Rowan Williams accused Student Unions of fearing an "open argument."His comments come after Christian Unions in Exeter, Birmingham and Edinburgh have been prohibited from using university faculties and in some cases from being recognised as a club because of alleged discrimination towards non-Christians and gay people.

  • Electrifying performance kills drag artist

    It is thought that Montegracia's hands were wet, probably from sweat, and that the microphone was not wired correctly. photo: massless@flickr

    12:00 AM — Joan Montegracia was the third on stage at a competition for drag artists in the Philippine city of Caloocan. She was about to wow the audience with her impersonation of actress Aubrey Miles.As she moved to the centre of the outdoor metal stage and took the microphone, she dropped suddenly to the ground.The audience looked on in anticipation, thinking the dramatic fall to be part of the act. A loud round of applause failed to rouse Joan to her feet.

  • US Jews welcome gays and lesbians 6

    The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, which represents more than 750 Conservative synagogues, with 1.5 million members, today welcomed the movement's decisions

    12:00 AM — Conservative Jews in America have welcomed a decision by the movement regarding gay rabbis and same sex marriage.A two day meeting of the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards, which gives recommendations on religious doctrine, presented three differing positions that may be adopted by Jewish seminaries, leaving it up to individual seminaries and synagogues, ranging from upholding a ban on lesbian and gay ordination to only allowing non-sexually active gay rabbis.

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