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Estonian gay activist to stand for parliament

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Reader comments

  1. Nice propaganda in the end there.That ambassador left because hes lover was not used to the fact that there is only one gay club in Estonia.So the Raul forced the dilemma on the ambassador to leave from Estonia to a more lively gay culture country or he would just dump him.So the poor Dutch ambassador had no other choice but to agree.But as hes not a real man with a real heart he just had to smear my country so badly by making up those awful excuses for hes departure.Of course he was not able to tell everybody “Hey,im leaving Estonia because my boyfriend wants to dump me for the reason that there is not enough gay bars to hang in in Estonia.”Of course he couldnt say that so he smeared us all badly and you gay propaganda site are rubbing it out of dark for every oppurtunity.Make some facts clear and dont scream lies for your agenda that are proved false for a long time.