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Brown’s green Budget plans? More tax

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Reader comments

  1. peterrivendell 6 Dec 2006, 6:23pm

    ‘Green’ taxes to raise funds for disastrous wars?

  2. Anonymous 7 Dec 2006, 9:05am

    Unless Gordon isn’t telling us something, this has nothing to do with “Pink” News.

  3. “Couples under 75 will have a tax-free allowance up to £19,540 and for a couple over 75 up to £20,000.”Hang on …this is means-tested…if your income is above the threshold for this which is set at £20,000 you loose £1 of extra allowance for every £1 above the £20K in income so that:The over-65 tax-free allowance is approximately £3000 above the standard allowance so if your pension and other income is £23000+ then you loose all the extra allowance and your tax starts at the standard Personal Allowance and what is more – after this budget – tax kicks in a the new basic rate of 20%. Please remember this budget is neutral – for every tax penny given away another is clawed back elswhere…and as usual DINKIE Gays (double income – no kids) will be out of pocket big-time AGAIN!Do your sums properly guys!

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