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Gay nativity scene not all it seems

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  1. Good Grief!I am a Christian and I have never felt any anti-Christian bias from anyone or from any direction. What is with the Right Wing Christians? They seem to be obssessed with being martyrs and with homosecuality.

  2. we need better pics! i hope this is all well documented.american media does not want to show it clearly, it seems, if at all. i want this craziness to be on file.

  3. hahaha hilarious! gary and joseph.. legends!

  4. Imagine that, “The First Amendment protects parody as well”. We know that all too well. The ACLU has been hiding behind the first amendment since its inception. Look in the dictionary for the word “Parody” and in parenthesis you will see the pronunciation as (ACLU). Oh sorry, I guess that comment in of itself is a Parody. Hope I didn’t offend anyone.

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