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Comment: Wear AIDS bands all year

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  1. peterrivendell 5 Dec 2006, 7:05pm

    Get a grip. It is fantastic that the judges and contestants etc on last week’s X Factor marked World AIDS Day by wearing red ribbons – to make some kind of nonsense, ill-informed criticism of this is ridiculous.

  2. Speaking about Mr. Manilow – who by the way is the CHAMPION of raising money and CONTINUING the fight against AIDS, and was the VERY FIRST CELEBRITY to stand up and say yes to Elizabeth Taylor when she started AMFAR, when everyone else she knew said “NO”. Because as he has said countless numbers of time “I have lost over half of my phone book to the disease.”He has worn the red ribbon for years and years. (There are thousands of photos of him with it on). One of the ribbons he wore was given to him by a close friend of mine, who has the disease.So, he’s damned because he didn’t wear it, and you damned everyone else because they did. Makes sense to me.Let’s just be thrilled that the focus was on the right thing at the right time.

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