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Prime Minister backs HIV fight

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  1. Michael Regan 3 Dec 2006, 1:34am

    Nice try, but world aids day was a total bomb!speaking not as a politician, but as something who’s worked in a gay mens health service, and who wore his red ribbon proubly, World Aids Day recieved almost no advertising before the day, which had no benefit on getting people to notice it.To add more to this shamble, almost none of the major highstreet stores had ribbons on sale, all but Virgin megastore, no one was out in the streets promoting world aids day.To add insult, on the day itself, almost none of the t.v presenters wore a red ribbon on the day, on any of the channels. The one place you expected to see someone having a ribbon for the thousends of aids sufferers in the world, and not even on t.v was it made clear the importance.So don’t convice anyone here that it made a difference when it clearly did not!