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Minneapolis Mayor loses confidence in lesbian fire chief

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Reader comments

  1. Alan Warbrick 30 Oct 2006, 7:54pm

    Dear Mr. Hargreaves,You more than made your money in the music business, a lot of which is funded by gay men such as myself. You are now advocating support for homophobic firemen that instead of rescuing me and saving my life in a fire would rather leave me to burn to death. I might be gay, but unlike you I am not a bigotted hypocrite, a case of live and let live. In your case you are the worst kind of Christian. On this occasion I will take the opportunity to tell you to take your money, roll it up, and stuff it up your great fat Christian arse. That might give you something to really scream about. There are decent Christians around, you are not one of them. One question, If I was both gay and Christian, would you still leave me to burn ?.