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LGBT activist launches blood service protest

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  1. There is a similar situation with the Anthony Nolan Trust. I was matched with a potential recipient, but when I disclosed my sexuality, they rejected me. My partner and I have been together for many years, in a monogamous relationship and took a precautionary HIV test before registering in the first place. We now know that someone may have died because we chose to do what we thought was the right thing and be 100% honest.Some old slapper who gets knocked up in the car park behind a night club every Friday night is free to donate.They really do need to rethink this.

  2. J T Gillespie 29 Nov 2006, 11:47pm

    Firstly i want to say how much I agree with this campaign. But I need to correct a few facts.1. Sweeden does not allow gay men to donate blood, the position there is under review.2. This camapign was not started by James-J Walsh, it was started by his predisessor Ben Miskell. As LGBT Officer James J Walsh did no work what so ever about the blood camapign except a self publicising press release. (much like this one seems to be)3. Adding a petition to a website is not a campaign. He has done nothing to raise awareness of the arguements surrounding gay blood donation.I have been part of the NUS Donation not Discrimination camapign at Stirling University. ( have taken place across the counrty with debates, demonstrations and info pickets. I feel sorry for all the students who have activly been fighting this ban who have all their hard work claimed by James-J Walsh.Please PinkNews correct the misinformation in this article.

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