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Transgender conference ‘wasting resources’

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Reader comments

  1. What a load of nonsense from the Expresss. There’s an enormous difference between “just one attack on a transsexual” being recorded and the levels of unrecorded harassment, attacks and fear thereof, and if the police are to ever have a proper grasp on what things are really like for trans people they need to be seen to be understanding of the issues involved. Good on Merseyside police for making it happen.

  2. Mekah Gordon, Ph.D., L. E. 23 Nov 2006, 6:36pm

    In order to establish a beneficial Diverse Educational Forum, there needs be at least, 3 thoroughly qualified representatives, from the M-F, F-M, Intersexed, professional community.Including, a qualified, Board Certified Psychiatrist, whose had significant training, and a prestigious track record, treating Gender Anomalies, should be considered as a significant contributor, to this group discussion.~Mekah Gordon, Ph.D., L. E. Love, Peace, Solidarity~~Mekah Gordon~ Ph.D., L. E.Advocate/Activist – Consummate Optimist Visionary – Educator/Consultant – Freelance Writer-TG Issues – Regional Editor of Santa Fe/For The Normal Heart Newspaper – Pioneering, Frontier Renaissance WomanFounder/Director ~S. U. R. E. Foundation®Santa Fe Transgender Support Group®22 Juego Rd.Santa Fe, NM 87508-4298505-466-4277*The word, “Tolerance,” no matter how you bend it, twist it, or turn it inside out,”Reeks” of Discrimination.”RESPECT,” however, eradicates implicitness for bigotry, hate, prejudice, and judgment.~Mekah Gordon*No One on this planet, should ever have, or be granted the power, right, nor stand in judgment, of anyone’s Basic Human Civil Rights, by enforcing through Constitutional Decree, or otherwise, whom one should love, and marry, NO ONE!~Mekah Gordon*It’s the Tenacity, Persistence, Fortitude, Faith, that’s perennial, in those of us, who refuse to give up, in our pursuit for Equality, Basic Human Civil Rights.~Mekah Gordon*Transitionally Speaking: Quotes, From a Pioneering, Frontier Renaissance Woman© 2006 Mekah Gordon, All Rights Reserved

  3. Rosalyn Forrester 24 Nov 2006, 1:32am

    The fact that many transexual people are afraid of police because of negative experiances couldn’t possibly have anything to do with only having one person issue a complaint to them, could it?Until transexed people feel they are welcome, will be treated with respect and be listened to rather then sneared at and told it’s our own fault because of how we dress or because we made the “choice”, you won’t have people wanting to put themselves in a situation of facing further harrassment.Rosalyn

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