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How gay is James Bond?

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Reader comments

  1. How about the gays getting off this junk hookers being a transsexual such as Lee Tamahori offering to orally copulate for money. Simply put it was a gay guy in drag who was not saving to have srs but doing what so many hookers do to put money in their pocket or purse. Just call him a gay crossdrssing hooker and you would be closer to the truth. Call him fag if you want and that too would be closer than being a ts for sure.

  2. Re: “How Gay is James Bond?”It’s my understanding–based on Debbie Harry’s own comments that I read in a book or article–that Blondie was very interested in writing and recording the theme song for FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, and in fact did. The song of the same title is on Blondie’s 1982 album, THE HUNTER. According to Debbie, the Sheena Easton song was chosen over Blondie’s for reasons unknown. My guess is that Ms. Easton’s soft, mainstream ballad sounded a lot more commercial and profitable to United Artists. To me, Blondie’s song is way cooler and intriguing and in keeping with the style and tone of the movie.

  3. I thought Kate Bush was first asked For your eyes only, and turned it down??

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