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Christian Union’s ‘ex-gay’ course banned

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  1. well, im no christian. i’m no uneducated dumb-dumb either.ive studied queer theory, feminism, butler, spivak, etc. and i have to say most gay men are generally unable to maintain stable relationships,and are kind of tragic crack whores for the most part. yes,we can look at the external sociological reasons for gay mens wide spread destructive behavior- (eg: crack use, higher level of tobacco, use, excessive fast-food sex, inability to experience or maintain any kind of intimacy, increased rates of unsafe sex, the unquestioned promotion of barebacking in gay media ,etc,etc,etc,etc…..) however, i’m sorry-it’s TIRED. maybe its actually time to take a good hard look at “the community”,rather than constantly focusing on external stressors as the cause of this behavior.

  2. George Broadhead 25 Oct 2006, 3:22pm

    Anyone with any knowledge of the Christian stance on gay sex will know that this is far from the first time Christian outfits of this kind have claimed that homosexuality can be cured by “following Jesus”.Christian organisations that have promoted this daft and dangerous notion include Exodus International, True Freedom Trust, Turnabout, Care Trust, Courage trust and U-Turn Anglia, and many of them are granted charitable status merely because they are religious.For one view of the Christian stance on homosexuality see ‘Briefings’on the GALHA website at

  3. These offensive courses and leaflets should not have been banned. Undermining free speech and making martyrs of bigots have never benefitted vulnerable minorities. The only fair – and only really effective response – is for pro lgbt groups to challenge this stuff through high-profile publicity campaigns and challenges to public debate.In a footnote regarding ‘d.e.”s gross stereotype of gay men as ‘tragic crack whores for the most part,’ I have no doubt such creatures must exist, and I must have met some now and then, but ‘for the most part’??? Does d.e. only frequent some highly specialised corners of metropolitan gay environments? I personally find the gay and lesbian people I know are pretty sane and sensible ‘for the most part.’ How unchallenging is provincial life.Steve HopeOxford

  4. What utter dribble this article is. The pure course is not anti-gay and it certainly does not claim to cure gays either. I am Gay and I am also a church goer. After speaking to some people I know at my uni’s Christian union who explained to me what this nonsense was all about, the volume of anti-Christian crap coming from gays annoys me more than the anti-gay crap from Christians. I hope the Christian Unions win this one! I really do. If Pink news along with all the other gay news websites want to go stirring things up with lies, then so be it…as long as the truth is brought out somehow.

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