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Gay charity reminds Ruth Kelly of ‘hidden homeless’

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  1. Lou Jafrey 16 Nov 2006, 4:42pm

    The issue on gay homelessness is being neglected. These young people are forced to leave home because of their sexuality. These kids are in need of love, a home, and guidance. Sexual orientation is not an issue to be remotely looked upon making a choice for negligence. It shouldn’t make a difference when it comes to helping them the fact that they are gay,or heterosexual makes no difference.these are kids in need of love and hope. This is a case of injustice, and not having a heart, to realize that this is inhuman. Taking away their rights just for being gay, these kids have their lives taking away from them because someone is prejudice against their sexual preference. Ms Kelly was criticized earlier this year after being given a role which includes representing the gay community, despite never voting for gay rights.This is Ridicules! At this time and age? For God sake, it is time to realize that humans are all the same. We all hurt and suffer when victims of hate crimes. Is time to make a difference stay away from hate crime, apathy, and homophobia. There are too many issues that Americans are already dealing with, war terrorist September 11 this are issues to think about.It is a waist time,and energy to be hurting anyone for their sexual preferences this is totally injustice not to say stupid. The truth is, that this youngsters not mentioned by Ruth Kelly as being part of the Gay charity are in desperate need of love guidance and a home. Also this kids need guidance to understand that those who had hurt them are suffering from apathy and homophobia. There is nothing wrong with being who they are, and that there is a place waiting for them in society as bankers doctors lawyers anithing they put their heart on. It should not make a difference if they are white, black gay or Chinese the truth is that this is not the matter / the matter is to help them have a place to grow and become good man and woman in our future society after all, gays had make great differences as great citizens of our society. Examples…• Pedro Aldomovar, filmmaker • Alexander the Great, conqueror • Hans Christian Andersen, writer • Joan Armatrading, singer • Sir Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts • Joan Baez, singer Sandra Bernhard, actor Dirk Bogarde, actor • Chastity Bono, daughter of Sonny Bono and Cher• David Bowie, musician [bisexual] • Marlon Brando, actor [heteroflexible]• John Brunner, science fiction author • William S. Burroughs, writer • Julius Caesar, caesar • Truman Capote, writer • Marilyn Chambers, actor • Traci Chapman, singer • Mary Cheney, daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney • Margaret Cho, comic [heteroflexible] • Montgomery Clift, actor • Kurt Cobain, singer [bisexual] • James Coco, actor • • Colette, writer [bisexual] • Hart Crane, poet [bisexual] • This and many more. For no one should be left with out a chance to make there dreams come true. Is no ones business what anyones sexu