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Gay bar stops two men kissing

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Reader comments

  1. I think the manager made the right decision, it’s not very nice having to watch two people snog/grope/whatever when you’re trying to have a relaxing drink. Their gender and sexuality are totally immaterial. It seems that the manager could have been more sensitive, but it also seems that Mr Brockley is being a bit of a publicity seeking Drama Queen and attempting to gain special treatment; something that most gay people find intensely irritating. Learn some manners Mr Brockley, take your partner somewhere more romantic and private than the end of a public bar. Tacky!

  2. The pub manager was quite right…you don’t need to lick each others heads in public to express affection.I agree with James’ comments above.

  3. You should be free to show your affections whoever and wherever you are. Thats the problem with this country. Stuck up and stuck in a time capsule. Wake up and enjoy yourselves. Lets have a kiss-in there or Just boycott it and go to the Powder Monkey which is a much better place anyway.

  4. I have been a customer of the Rose and Crown for the past 4 years and I have also worked there. Richard was well within his rights to ask them to show a bit more discression as, whether we like it or not, some people do find it offensive and, as a manager, Richard needs to think about all his customers and not just the gay ones. He would (and has done) tell a straight couple to stop kissing in the same situation. I’m all for gay rights, but militant attitudes like Mr Blockley’s will only cause to deepen the divide. And just to clarify, I am also gay.

  5. i agree with the manager. If i had a 39 year old man and his 24 yr old rent boy drinking in my establisment i would ask them to show some discression. Was the kissing a distraction of money changing hands or was that done in the toilet like the rest of their “business?”He clearly has to pay for most things looking like that!!

  6. Well that last statement typifies the pathetic bitchings of the suburbs. No wonder you dont stray to far out, the competition would be too much for you. Its disgraceful for you to make those sort of comments on such an issue. Militant attitudes, what tosh. You want militant attitudes. I’ll pop in with the gutter press and have a front page kiss in and that will show you there are some of us who are proud to be out after fighting years to get the freedom. Another case of take our money and bugger the rest.

  7. What an angry man…No need to get so excited Hawkeye. I trust we won’t see you in our little ‘suburban’ pub any time soon, so nothing really to worry about. You stay in Soho and be proud.

  8. to all those people that think they are still fighting for equal rights they need to take a step back and realise that they have achived just that, but to continue fighting would only make things regress back to the way they where. Even though i have only been out for 12 years i have noticed the dramatic change in the general publics attitude tawards hom osexuality, coming from a city where the national front has a large following i have experianced homophobia first hand and to think that a person that has contributed so much to his local gay community has been compared to a right wing fug (the dergree of homophobia is a mute point as homophobia in any degree is wronge and painful to experiance) is quite upsetting, as this so-called homophobe has managed to raise over £5000 (by dressing up in drag of all things) for the metro centre which is a valued and intrinsice part of the southeast london L.G.B.T community, well ill let you make up your own minds on this. All i am trying to say is that before you go screeming that you are being discriminated about you should just think about the whole situation. Because false acusations will only cause the supporters and gay friendly people in your community to re-think thier stance and veiws towards gay people on the whole

  9. Does Hawkeye have nothing better to do with his time? Oh my god… now lets put this imto prospective… There are kids dying of starvation, aids (something close to Hawkeye’s heart from what i’ve heard) etc out there… this is a issue about what? A Bar Manager simply asking him to stop kissing in a public place during the daytime in a tourist area in a mixed pub? My goodness me, someone needs to get a Life!!

  10. Soho is the last place I would spend my time. Got far better things to do and Ryan, don’t imagine you know what I do or don’t do as it’s none of your business….

  11. Yes Hawkeye like twisting the truth out of all prospective? and writing into gay press… oh what an exciting life you lead! i’m bitter with envy.

  12. I’ve not twisted or have ever twisted the truth on any subject? I would certainly like to know what your talking about, even though this is not relevent to this article. Or is it, as I have no idea who you are or what your problem is.

  13. Well Hawkeye,The problem basically seems to be you and your arrogant views. How much of the paparazzi world did you contact before your sad and lonely plight was taken up. It really is sad you need to resort to alienating supporters our just cause for equal rights. Do you not have enough for a pint and were hoping for a years supply of free booze from the brewery? I mean let’s be honest here, is this the first time you have pulled a stunt like this? I quite recall a similar incident happening a year or so ago. All because you was asked to leave a bar for being drunk and disorderly. The only problem when you’re trying to get you “five minutes of fame” is that we all remember what a retched piece of trash you really are.Why don’t you try and do something proactive of our community instead of acting like a child.I really pity you

  14. a happy customer 16 Nov 2006, 10:15pm

    Personally i REALLY wouldn’t want to see the angry man in the photo down anyones throat at any time night nor day. I do sympathise with Richard (the landlord), the RC is and always will be a pub for all to drink in, be in straight, gay, bi, transgender, transexual all are welcome by all, including Richard at the Rose.As noted by Steve, much charity work has been done over the years by the Rose Crown, more recently, staff members and even Richard himself dressing up as one of the “Pink ladies” from Greece and hosting an excellent evening of entertainment for and a drag race as a highlight of the night going to the extent of having traffic police stop traffic in Greenwich so 15 or so drag queens and “pink ladies” were able to race through Greenwich town centre… the evening raised a considerable amount of money for Metro Centre charity, maybe something Stonewalls charity themselves should not have overlooked prior to printing this article? From what I understand of the article and the snogging session took place during the day time, a time when tourists and others due to attend the theatre next door pop into the Rose for a drink or a bite to eat, often unknowing that it’s a “straight friendly” prodominately gay bar. Personally i wouldn’t want to see anyone down each others throats at this time of day (any time of day for that matter, however evenings may definately be more acceptable). I believe Richard (landlord) was well within his social and managerial rights to ask the concerned to remove tounges from each others mouths, i’m sure the same would have been said be it a man and a woman at that time of day.Basically cheer up and get a life Blockley, you’re 39, not 5!A Happy Rose and Crown Customer

  15. Geezer needs to get a life

  16. Having recently only found the Rose Crown I have to say what is being said by this guy is quite propsterous the people that work in the pub have never been anything but honest and even I can see they are genuinly looking out for the other people that are drinking within the establishment, after all this is a public house and they need to keep an eye out for the general public as was said rightly but the manager the pub is indeed used by both straight and gay alike and even as a gay man during the day the last thing i want to see is two men kissing so what others who frequent the pub would think that are straight i don’t know at the end of the day the manager is only looking out for his business and rightly so, so would anyone else if they where in that position.

  17. I find this all so amusing that hawkeye (who i do know) still feels vindicated. I recently told him that he had been the laughing stock of all the local gay bars, and othe businesses/ which he took great offense. I personally do not overt public dipslays of affection by and genders, particualrly in tourist/public areas, of which (as an ex manager of the pub);the rose and crown falls into (during the daytime). I told Hawkeye that if i had still been working at the Rose – that i would have been a lot more blunter than him. he then told me i was homophobic.I reiterated my stance on public displays of overt affection by any gender.I still find it irritatring and amusing that a fully grown, succesful and inteligent man can feel so vindicated because a heterosexual man told him to basically tone down hi behaviour. I find it offensive as a gay man, and a friend/ex emplyee of Mr gray (the manager of the Rose Crown); that hawkeye resorted to playing the homophobic card on a heterosexual man who has gone over and above the call of duty to do so much in breaking down political issues of homophia.On a final note – hawkeyes arogance led him to believe that the Rose Crowns temporary closure earlier this year was due to his actions. how sad he must feel to see all the same team and manager back doing what they do best – ensuring the local gay and straight people, aswel as touristr are made to feel welcome. I comend the team for continuing the motto i started of “a bar for everyone who likes anyone”. Even though i don’t work there anymore – it is still my gay bar of choice.

  18. iditiots, most of you are 7 Apr 2008, 9:04pm

    The humorous thing is that some fags are so desperate for acceptance by heterosexuals, they will lie to themselves to get it. It’s easy to imagine “if they were a straight couple”.. But the truth is that nothing like this would’ve happened, had they been a straight couple. You know it. Everyone knows it. In spite of any embarrassment or discomfort felt by the patrons, the couple would have been left alone so as to not let the precious heterosexuals think they were not welcomed in a GAY pub.”A bar for everyone who likes anyone”? Except those who DON’T mind seeing the two men kiss, huh? PC idealism and ultimately, duplicity at its best.

  19. The barman should have left the couple alone. Barmen in hetro bars don’t stop hets from kissing. And the barman should not have assumed that all hets going in the bar were prejudiced, and should not have pandered to any that were. In fact, a gay couple kissing would be a good way to keep out any bigots who wandered in there by mistake. If I was a het guy that liked gay people I would find what the ‘barman’ did to be highly offensive.

  20. We urgently need to stamp out the gay scene and end it underground, I know of someone who works on the scene and he takes it far too seriously, maybe the gay community need
    some education, in choosing the gay lifestyle, you don’t need to frequent these dirty holes. Being gay is just a small part of the person and does not need to be inforced by the need for gay establishments.

    I would urge you in helping me and appeal to the licensing people to review the licences of these haunts, and outlaw gay only license issuing, and close the above named establishments for good.

  21. The manager is completely right there is nothing worse than two people making a display of themselves regardless of there sexuality. It is not a matter of homophobia just plan decency.

  22. I am a Bouncer in straight Nightclubs and I have also been a Bouncer in Gay Clubs. I am Gay.

    We stop similar behaviour in Straight or Gay clubs and Pubs if we see a male and a female ‘snogging each others faces off’ or doing anything more than dispaying ‘resonable affectionate physical touching’! Our usual retort is, ‘Go find a bed somewhere’.

    The person kissing at the bar was obviously going over the top and it was correct to ask him to cease kissing; I would further suggest that his actions were ‘attention seeking’ as no normal person, Gay or Straight, is so insecure to the extent that they have to ‘show off their bounty’ to others around them.

    I wonder if those two ‘boyfriends’ that were kissing are still together; I somehow doubt it lasted many days, if not hours.

    … Bouncer man In Black …

  23. Scott Blockley 24 Dec 2008, 10:19am

    Hilarious, looks like a few mates had some fun making a lot of this thread up pretending to be me. “Hawkeye” sounds like a pseudonym for “leafie” who appears not to have really got over me making an issue over all of this.

    And to those making pathetic insults and throwing abuse – get a life and grow up. Your comments say a lot more about you than they do about me.

    Fun revisiting this, if only to be sadly reminded how bitter and messed up some people are.

  24. Hi

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