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Gay humanists back Elton John’s religion attack

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Reader comments

  1. The idea that someone would try to generalize religion as a whole shows his capacity for rational thought. I am Southern Baptist and we love gay people, matter of fact we love everyone as Christ loves us. So maybe Elton jost needs to come to a revival.

  2. Elton John is right – religions have been the source of most human suffering. It is time to stop these evil ideologies (we don’t allow Nazis and KKK to spew their hatred!) having influence anywhere. If people want to believe in a made up deity, let them, but only in their home. Religion is bad bad bad

  3. Better late than never, Sir.

  4. Desiree,The idea Southern Baptists have, the most virulent and outspoken and self-deluded enemies of gay people in the United States, that they can generalize about gay people, about their relative moral quality “according to what the Bible says,” and that they then have the right to pass laws permanently affecting the quality of our lives based on that arrogant and most unloving of ideas, is the abhorrant behavior of self-perpetuating, self-congratulatory, self-rewarding bigots, and it does not matter one tiny whit if there are a couple hundred or a couple hundred thousand individuals who don’t buy the entire agenda of the millions calling themselves members. Please, do us the biggest favor one human being can do another in such a case: leave us alone. Keep your sick version of “love” and get some therapy designed to teach you just a little bit of reality. When you reject us, as you have, as a member, your pathetic claims to be doing so “because you love us” or “because you hate the sin but not the sinner” make you nothing but a pitiable laughingstock, and you inspire nothing but anger in us, the “targets” of Southern Baptists sick ideas of “love.”

  5. I am sorry that extreme reactions by some religious groups seem to be automatically credited to all. I am not a homophobe and I am an Evangelical Presbyterian Christian. I have been known to gleefully watch Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, and rejoice over the work they do. In fact I am proud that Ted attended the same college I did. Also, I myself knew gay classmates and we were friendly acquaintances until we split up to go to college. I did not utterly reject them for their sins and I still don’t. However, I cannot condone their actions either, just as I cannot condone someone who lies, steals, commits adultery, etc., that is simply part of God’s law, it does not mean that I cannot love them. This is also why believers cannot approve gay marriage. A vote of “Yes” would condone something which is obviously contrary to biblical law. As for the “moral quality” of my gay acquaintances, I did not see any evidence that it was any worse than any other sinner’s, including myself. According to God’s law, one sin is no different from another. The sin of a lie, and the sin of a homosexual act carry the same punishment: death and God’s wrath. In Romans 2:15-16, it states how we are all born sinful creatures with God’s law written on our hearts and brought to our attention by our conscience, it is our conflicting thoughts that accuse or even excuse us. Christians sometimes become proud and arrogant over having been “saved”, as if they no longer commit sins. If you happen to meet such a Christian please CORRECT them. Just because a Christian believes in Christ as their Savior, does not mean that they will not commit anymore sins in this life. Christians will continue to sin until the day they die. (Please do not assume that once they become a believer they will do everything perfectly, Christ already took care of that.) Through their belief in Christ they are now credited with Christ’s righteousness, and on the day of judgement they will be presented as pure and righteous before God, but only because of their belief in what Christ did for them. A person cannot work their way to salvation. Come on, how can a sinful human do ANYTHING not tainted by sin and measure up to His standards? Rather than anger, I wish Christians displayed compassion. Indeed, that was shown by Jesus as he looked with sadness upon Jerusalem. In Luke 13:34-35 Christ laments Jerusalem and her stubborn, rebellious children whom He would have gathered to Him like a mother hen and her chicks, but they rejected God over and over and are therefore doomed to ultimately perish. God does love His creation, but He cannot break His law and leave our sins unpunished. A display of this concern is what I would rather were seen among more Christians, and that is what I would profess to have. Perhaps your hearts have been hardened to the point that they will not receive this message, but I would still urge you to seek joy in the glory of God, no matter what the sin.

  6. Anonymous Soldier 16 Nov 2006, 3:17pm

    I have nothing against gays but to say that all religion should be banned, is completely ludicrous and offensive.If it wasn’t for Christ and God, I wouldn’t be here today.I take my religion very seriously and I oppose anyone who tries to tell me otherwise about it.I’m talking about people who think they know better than the rest of the world and would try to ban all varieties of faith, something that mankind has held dear to their hearts since the creation of mankind by God himself, just because they’re offended.Racism of all sorts is all over the world, but you can’t ban religion just because of a few hundred ignorant people who are homophobic.You can’t ever ban God and Christ.What’s uncompassionate is trying to ban religion and God and Christ who millions of people have faith in, and in my experience, I’ve had my share of hatred in my short Christian past of 19 years but yet nothing can destroy my faith. In places like Japan and Korea, men, women, and even small children are being jailed and butchered just for being brave enough about their Christian beliefs, and yet half the world seems to ignore it. In my own neighborhood, which whom I had to move from, I once got into an altercation with a group of Satanists who got into my face because of the cross that I was wearing and because of my faith, I got angry and told them off about their dellusional cult which was the truth by the way, and they decided that my life wasn’t worth anything and they jumped me, but I didn’t let their hatred towards me stop me from praying to God and Christ.

  7. Bernie Walker 21 Nov 2006, 9:06am

    If we can agree that research to wipe out cancer or any other harmful disease that effects the body is good and charitable, why can not we strive to wipe out the deadly spiritual diseases as well. The spiritual ones are those that lead to permanent death of the soul. Or isn’t that important?

  8. Ian McCooney 28 Nov 2006, 9:49pm

    Elton John’s unfortunate and thoughtless comment reveals that he is more closed minded and universally bigoted than those he opposes–what universal and encyclopaedic knowledge has he developed of the sexual doctrines of the religions of the world? He should awaken and see that many of us in the Church of England (and Anglican Communion) are in the fray over this and will keep insisting on this basic human right even at the risk of breaking up. He should remain silent except to sing lest exposing what a bigoted wanker he really is. As the Americans would say, move on and get over it, honey!

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