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Gay gardener rejected

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  1. Mike McDonough 9 Nov 2006, 9:10pm

    According to other reports on the Net, your article is inaccurate: the company was located in Houston, not New York, and it was refusing to work FOR a gay couple, not hire a gay employee.

  2. Mike is right, your story is totally inaccurate.It was in Houston Texas (a world away from New York; geographically AND philosophically) and it was a potential client who was denied service.

  3. Quickly review your article–Garden Guy is located in Houston, Texas, run by the Farbers, the note was sent to Mr. Lord by Sabrina Farber, and the issue was not employment but rather Mrs. Farber’s business reply to Mr. Lord that her company would not landscape his home because she does not do work for homosexuals. Mrs. Farber denied service to Mr. Lord after an introductory phone call in which she pushed him to say whether his wife would join them during the initial housecall and he said he hadn’t a wife, but a male partner. Apparently, Mrs. Farber proceeded to set up an appointment with Mr. Lord on the phone, and then abruptly–five minutes later–sent him the e-mail informing him he that his sexual orientation disqualified him from buying her company’s landscaping services.The volume of international protest has since forced the Farbers to close their gardening web forum and phone line. It is not illegal in Houston for businesses to act toward gays in the way the Farbers acted, but such a response would have been illegal in other major Texas cities, and in other cities throughout the US–though gays are not a protected class from descrimination at the US federal level.

  4. News Editor 10 Nov 2006, 9:05am

    SorryThis has now been changed!

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