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Church leader opposes gay school book

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Reader comments

  1. This is just the beginning!When we send our children to school we place them in the hands of the teachers and staff. The children become their responsibility while they remain at school. I do not want and never will let my children be subject to such teaching that homosexuality is ‘the norm’ using any books or subject matter, ever. I would rather take them out of school and homeschool my children.Any government telling me I have to abide by these laws, in my opinion is just kowtowing to what has become the Sodom and Gomorra of the 20th century.Studies show that there are more break ups in the ‘gay couple marriages’ in the first year, more illness and deaths for obvious reasons such as Aids, HIV etc. Why do people protest when they have paedophiles on their doorstep? Because they fear for their children’s safety, that they will be abused of course.Surely placing a child with gay couples is handing children on a plate to these gay couples. Teaching them that it is ok for a woman and another woman or a man and another man to have sexual relations with one another. Why cannot people see that this is wrong?There is going to be an ending to all this that no one realises or wants to admit. That is plainly obvious.We have moved away from all that is right and good. Given into our selfish wants. Have been easily persuaded and lead by those in authority to compromise little by little, until once the ball is rolling, it won’t stop. People need to take a stand now. Stop the ball rolling. Tell those in authority (those that we the public vote in on our behalf) that we do not want our children taught that it’s ok to be gay.