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Polish President warns against “gay culture”

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Reader comments

  1. Michael Regan 8 Nov 2006, 4:44am

    Another fool and his narrow mindedness being backed up by his political power. Men like this have no place in society because they hold make the progression people need to better there ideas and understanding.the greatest threat homosexuals face are those who are close minded and yet have power of peoples lives, I’d hate to be a gay man living in poland.

  2. elizabeth veldon 8 Nov 2006, 7:03pm

    idiot boy.that’s all i’m going to say. Idiot boy.

  3. Gerhard Pohl 3 Jun 2008, 10:39am

    Hard to believe there are still “presidents” like this individual. Poor Poland having a president leading the country to such narrowmindedness and ignorance.

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