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Borat – Parody or Prejudice?

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  1. QueensSpeech 3 Nov 2006, 8:23pm

    You wrote : “Although he regards Christians and Jews as fair game, he never gives Muslims the same doing over”Given that, according to official estimates, 47 percent of all Kazakhstanis are Muslims I don’t think Sacha is being “selective in his comedic targets”. He may, without you knowing it, be doing a parody of a stereotyped western view of muslims, thus as you say, reinforcing prejudice.

  2. I doubt he’s being anti-semitic – he is Jewish himself isn’t he?

  3. After talking to a few about the nude scenes, I have to disagree with your statement about this film sailing very close to extremely bad taste. It IS extremely bad taste, and quite disgusting. Satire is good but fat, nude, hairy men (or women) is over the line for any movie as far as I’m concerned.Regarding the lampooning of religions, if you can make fun of Jews and Christians then as far as I’m concerned, Muslims are fair game too. If you recieve death threats, well that’s just the bigoted world we live in. The more exposed the better, right?Third, I don’t think I would call the Christian protestants fundamentalists, nor are they very scary unless you are worried about some idiot spitting on you when speaking in tongues… I mean, they were trying to help this guy not strap a bomb on his back!!!! Funny though.. Lastly, the whole homophobia thing is a bit of a stretch isn’t it? I mean, if some strange dude walks up to me and tries to kiss me (and I’m male and perfectly comfortable with my sexuality), I would have a hard time not smacking him! It was extremely funny to watch though..Sorry about the rant!

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