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Stonewall celebrates gay friendly Britain

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Reader comments

  1. Phillip Hertford 14 Sep 2006, 12:09am

    Regarding the comments about Ruth Kelly — FYI Opus Dei is not “homophobic” but rather encourages people to see their day-to-day work as an oppurtunity to become saints by serving others. All of the top people, called numeraries, in Opus Dei are celebate — are not sexually active at all. As you know, Catholic docterine encourages people to use their sexual energy in a way that serves others — via the Sacrement of Martimony. Read about the teachings here: I think you will find this issue more complex that it initially appears!

  2. peterrivendell 3 Nov 2006, 2:14pm

    I don’t believe for a moment that Chris Moyles is genuinely homophobic – although I accept that he occasionally comes out with inappropriate and unfortunate remarks, which is always a more of a problem with live radio, which lacks the stricter discipline of live television.To name him ‘Bully of the Year’ is a wasted opportunity to nail some of the genuinely homophobic individuals who attempt to actually attack our community and way of life and poisoning the general public against us.The Stonewall Awards are meant to ‘celebrate’ the positive, and I suppose identifing a genuine and serious ‘bully’ would not be in that spirit – but I can’t thinking that it’s unfair to lumber Moyles with this disproportionately nasty award, which he will never shift from his career profile.

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