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Ex-Iran leader faces human rights questions

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Reader comments

  1. I’m a bit confused why we are banging on about the the Met not arresting Khatami. Why the hell is he getting an honorary degree from St Andrews University in the first place? If there is any suspicion that this individual may have been involved in torture and other human rights abuses, maybe someone could explain why my taxes are being used to fund awards ceremonies for him?

  2. The issue is how much actual power did Khatami actually have as president, could he in reality have changed things. I don’t know exactly but I can say two things. First the Ayatolla is far more powerful than the President. Second that a reform-minded advisor of Khattami was shot dead, his killer was tried and convicted and imprisoned and released shortly afterwards (a warning to Khattami against reform perhaps?).Things are only going to improve in Iran either by reformers getting power (initialy fairly moderate ones like Khattami) or by a revolution, which I think unlikely and I fear bloody. The bottom line is there are far worse and more culpable members of the Iranian regime than Khattami and that we either sit on our high horse and do nothing that will make one jot of difference in Iran or we join the messy world of international politics and support lesser evils against greater ones.

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