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Gay community invited to north of Cyprus

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Reader comments

  1. john alexander 25 Oct 2006, 5:17pm

    The northern part of Cyprus is not Turkish-owned, as you state, but Turkish-occupied – by 40,000 Turkish troops, who in 1974 ethnically cleansed 200,000 Greeks from their homes and property. The Greek Cypriots forced from their land are continuing to fight – using political and legal means – for the return of their stolen property; and anyone foolish – or immoral – enough from the UK to buy property in Turkish-occupied Cyprus, is liable to criminal prosecution from the original owners of the land or property. European Court of Human Rights rulings have stressed that Turkey is obliged to allow Greek Cypriot refuges to return to their land and property and to pay them compensation for having deprived them of their use. Again, you would have to be stupid to be thinking of buying property in the north of Cyprus. You risk being dragged through the Cypriot and European courts and losing not just your original investment but also being forced to fork out for lawyers and, potentially, for compensation to the original owners.

  2. The Republic of Cyprus, an independent country, member of the Commonwealth, the United Nations and a member of the European Union, was INVADED on 20th July 1974 by Turkey and its military forces. Since then the northern part of the Republic of Cyprus is OCCUPIED by Turkey. The ONLY OFFICIAL Government of the Republic of Cyprus is the one by the Greek-Cypriot majority and is the one which is recognized internationally. There is NO other Government in Cyprus.The official points of entry for foreign visitors are those only approved by the Government. The land in the OCCUPIED part of the island of Cyprus, is the property of the Greek-Cypriot majority and NOT the turkish minority. Turkey has altered the demographics on the island by allowing thousands of turks from Turkey to stay and make a temporary use of the Greek-Cypriot property.I strongly suggest that your readers should read first the history and then to read what is illegal and what is not in byuing the so-called property in the OCCUPIED area. It is illegal to buy property in the northern occupied area and such information can be obtained here > and here > and here > In this blog your readers will be able to read more about the OCCUPIED part of Cyprus.At same time I remind you and your readers that Nicosia, the capital of the Republic of Cyprus, is the ONLY city today in the world, that is still divided, like Berlin used to be some years ago.

  3. At best, this reads like an informercial for Hillcrest Estates or at worst, facist propaganda. PinkNews, please double check pieces submitted.
    I know, why don’t you do a nice piece on why the West Bank will be the next place for LGBT people to buy into? Gaza maybe?
    PinkNews, I am very disapointed…… Even the UK’s Foreign Office website advices against buying property in the north without the pre 1974 deeds. What you are actively doing is promoting readers of PinkNews to commit a crime and open themselves up to prosecution. Look at the Orams Case?
    I think this article should be withdrawn and an appology made..

  4. Glad to be gay, but not in North Cyprus | North Cyprus Free Press 30 Jul 2011, 5:18pm

    […] they get the property and gay issue sorted. A homophobic state is a disgrace to the modern world.’t you just love it.  Number of View :1 This entry was posted on Saturday, July 30th, […]

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