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Foley targeted ‘hot boys’

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Reader comments

  1. Angela Matthews 5 Oct 2006, 4:49pm

    While the point of the article seems to be “something should be done about Foley” and the Republicans may lose some seats in the next election, I must admit to having a strong and negative reactiton to two statements.”Some members of the gay community have blamed the saga on the fact that Mr Foley has spent so long in the closet” and supporting it, “Democrat Barney Frank, Congress’s first openly gay man, told the news agency, “It’s a terrible place to be, and it’s got to be worse if you’re a Republican.”How long will people, in particular gay people, spread the myth that homosexuality and pedophilia are the same thing? Staying in the closet does not make gay men prey on boys, having sexually predatory bent toward young boys does. This, my friends, is called “pedophilia” not “homosexuality”.I have had homosexual men in my life since I was a child. Their partners were adults. Many of them had children and were loving, caring and protective parents who would have been appalled at the behavior of Foley and the Republican cover up.Preying on children is preying on children, which is classified as a mental illness and not a sexual orientation.So why perpetuate a myth about yourselves that only makes you look like criminals and sociopaths yourselves, rather than pointing out that Foley is a criminal because he has physical and cyber sex with children and not because he didn’t come out of the closet soon enough?

  2. And if you check pre-1972 editoins of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual fo the classification of Mental Illnesses), you will find that homosexuality itself was classified as a mental illness.There are still some professionals who consider the striking down of that classification to be an ideologically-driven error.It is also disingenuous to suggest that homosexuality and paedophilia are wholly unrelated. The suggestion that Mark Foley’s sexual orientation bears no relevance to his actions concerning the page boys is misleading, since without the orientation, he would have had no motive for importuning and harrassing the boys.To suggest that homosexuality is wholly unrelated to paedophiliia is like suggesting that Mac OS X is wholly unrelated to Unix because it has a flashy, presentable front end.

  3. peter file 10 Nov 2006, 7:09pm

    B52, does that mean that your sexuality is related to men who touch up little girls? and shpouldnt you quit your job and say sorry?

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