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Doctor ‘rushed’ transsexual into surgery

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Reader comments

  1. risa bear 8 Oct 2006, 4:34am

    My guess, based on my own experience and perceptions, is Dr. Reid has very likely acted appropriately.In my own case, use of the guidelines resulted in a three-year wait. For what? I’m fifty-seven years old; how likely was it that I was going to suddenly wish I’d had kids (I have four, plus 3 granddaughters). All I got for my thousands of dollars in counseling was the chance to be an even older and even more decrepit transitioner, with greater risk, from age-related factors, from the surgery. I’m happy? YES! But I should have been ALLOWED to be happy sooner. When I woke up in the recovery room, I looked down at my body and thought, “Gee, no big deal; what was all the frykin fuss about??”Counseling, I think, is necessary, but it should be a help and not a hindrance, without the Cerberus-at-the-gates model the standards tend to impose. The only use I can think of for the adversarial tone that a lot of the professionals go in for is that they have covered their fannies in case of being sued. I suspect this is being driven more by malpractice insurance providers than we realize.The Benjamin standards hew to some ideas about a bi-gendered world that are beginning to be discredited. We are more complex beings than the boxes (Check one: [] Cross dressing fetishist []Closeted gay/lesbian [] Classic heterosexual transsexual) would impose. And think about this: as a consumer of medical and surgical options, I can decide on my own to get facial feminisation, or a tummy tuck, or lasik eye surgery, or piercing, tattooing and scarification in dozens of places. Only in the matter of changing my genitalia do I need permission. These other procedures have physical and psychological risks, too. So what is it about the genitalia? I’m thinking it’s a patriarchal taboo dressed up in doctor’s whites. Otherwise, why not make me wait a year to get a pretty face?Meanwhile, I’ve read that nearly one in five pre-operative transpeople attempt suicide, and the percentage drops to about one to two percent post-operatively. If this is so, wouldn’t that make sex reassignment surgery the single most effective intervention known in treating any “psychological” condition?risa beugene, oregon

  2. Nerissa Belcher 26 Oct 2006, 10:55am

    I’m a 51 y/o pre-op MTF TS. I think that Dr. Reid is not at fault. Common sense should motivate any person thinking about making radical changes to their appearance and lifestyle to get a second professional opinion. Indeed most of us see two or more psychological experts, other medical doctors, go to support groups, talk to friends and family, read literature, surf the web for information, etc. All this takes years, often decades.If after all that we surgically transition and then later feel is was mistake it is unfair to blame our mistake on one of the many people we have seen over the years. Nerissa BAtlanta, GA (USA)

  3. elizabeth veldon 26 Oct 2006, 3:04pm

    You seen it in the Guardian? Not suprisingly they’re going all out for the ‘poor suffering thing’ vote. I assume that within days they’ll be calling for treatment to be stoped again.We should be alowed to do this much easier than we are at the moment. We’re locked into the ‘standerd of care’ that can easly be circimvented with a little bit of lieing and the preperation of a script. I’ve been trying to get surgery for over three years now, it’ll be 4 years by the time I get it and this has led to more trauma than if I’d have got it sooner. Is Reed a vilin? No, he tried to bend the rules and he gets crusified for it. Given that I’ve heard of (male) doctors that order people to strip naked and photograph them, doctors who keep photographic records of every patient they see (in ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots) and considering a psych I say wanted me to talk about nothing but the rape I sufferd in the most lurid detail then Reed’s disiplinery is a bloody joke.Guadrian story as follows:Psychiatrist rushed me into having sex change, says patient David Batty Thursday October 26, 2006 The Guardian A former patient of the UK’s best-known expert on transsexualism yesterday told an inquiry that she bitterly regrets changing sex and feels unable to live as either a man or a woman. The male-to-female transsexual told the General Medical Council disciplinary hearing into gender psychiatrist Russell Reid that she wanted to go back to living as a man but felt this was impossible following genital surgery. The patient, identified only as B, said Dr Reid was “too nice a person” and had been too ready to encourage her to have a sex change operation. She said: “I find life very difficult because – how can I explain it? – I don’t want to be female any longer. I’m not gay and I will never be able to have a full relationship with a female again and don’t want a relationship with a male. I get very confused when it comes to even simple things such as choosing which conveniences to use. It is very hard.” The patient told the panel she blamed Dr Reid for her unhappiness and gender confusion, claiming he had failed to investigate her history of severe depression, which included attempting to kill herself in a car crash, before approving her sex change. Patient B said she first saw Dr Reid in January 1988 following a series of traumatic events in her life, which included the breakdown of her two marriages, the death of her mother, and redundancy. But the patient said the consultant psychiatrist never addressed these issues, nor obtained a second opinion. She had been an occasional cross dresser when she was a man, but had enjoyed a normal sex life with her two ex-wives. She said Dr Reid prescribed her with sex changing hormones at her first appointment and never checked that she was living full-time as a woman prior to her surgery in 1989. The sex change “fantasy” was shattered two days after the surgery

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