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24 October 2006

  • 24th October 2006

    Sacramento Slavic hate churches 1

    Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger

    12:00 AM — Hostile demonstrations and actions have recently been initiated by Slavic churches at gay pride events.Sacramento is said to have one of the largest former Soviet Union communities and these ultra religious groups are being blamed for a growth in anti homosexual actions.The Russian speaking demonstrators are said to "far outnumber representatives from all other anti-gay groups combined" according to the Seattle Times .

  • EU expansion rules risk more rough sleeping

    Prior to today's announcement Westminster Councils rough sleeping unit estimated 300 Romanians and Bulgarians a year would have ended up sleeping rough in its borough alone

    12:00 AM — Westminster City Council has warned that new government rules on workers from Bulgaria and Romania could lead to an explosion of rough sleeping on London's streets, impacting on popular gay areas such as Soho and the West End.The council fears that new rules will not discourage thousands from arriving in the UK in the hope of securing a visa, and ending up destitute when they fail.

  • THT opens youth sexual health clinic

    The clinic is based at Terrence Higgins Trust, 314 Gray's Inn Rd, London

    12:00 AM — A new sexual health clinic has opened in London for young people under 25.The Mortimer Market Centre has opened a new clinic to provide a sexual health testing treatment service for young people aged 25 and under.The clinic is based at Terrence Higgins Trust, 314 Gray's Inn Rd, London.

  • Beenie Man defends anti-gay lyrics by blaming Israel 5

    Beenie Man, once appeared on the BBC's Top of the Pops

    12:00 AM — Controversial rapper Beenie Man has denied he is homophobic by turning to anti-Zionism.Beenie Man is regularly criticised by gay campaigners for the use of the anti-gay lyrics in his songs, he has previously blamed it on Jamaican culture, but has now accused Israel of being even worse on gay rights.

  • Model documents gay army abuse 1

    Lehmkuhl told ABC News that it was always his dream to serve his country but was exposed to homophobic bullying which included a sexual assault, leaving feeling suicidal

    12:00 AM — Gay model Reichen Lehmkuhl has revealed the perils of the US military's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy after documenting the bullying and homophobic remarks he had to deal with while hiding is sexuality in the US Air Force.The boyfriend of N'Sync's Lance Bass, was a captain in the Air Force, but had to keep his sexuality secret amongst an 'institutionalised acceptance of homophobia.'

  • Callous hoax targets help line

    The text message purports to be a friend whose mobile phone has run out of battery

    12:00 AM — A hoaxer has sent mass texts to thousands of people requesting they ring the number for the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard.The text message purports to be a friend whose mobile phone has run out of battery.Many of the 150 plus volunteers were subjected to abuse by their co victims who mistakenly believed that the help-line was responsible for the rogue texts.

  • Gay star to be godfather to Madonna’s boy 1

    The tedium of the Madonna adopts African boy story continues as it is reported that gay actor Rupert Everett is set to be the child's godfather

    12:00 AM — The tedium of the Madonna adopts African boy story continues as it is reported that gay actor Rupert Everett is set to be the child's godfather.The actor, who appeared alongside the singer in comedy flop The Next Best Thing, has been asked to become involved in the life of David Banda, sources claim.

  • Bavarian conservatives move away from homophobia

    12:00 AM — The conservative Christian Social Union (CSU), the dominant party in Bavarian politics for years has for the first time acknowledged the validity of same sex relationships.The position is not whole hearted however with the party still not supporting same sex marriages or adoption.

  • Gay row spreads to Australian Anglicans 3

    Factions of the Anglican Church have been rowing ever since the appointment of gay bishop of New Hampshire Gene Robinson in 2003

    12:00 AM — The Anglican row over homosexuality appears to be spreading from the US and Europe all the way to Australia after the Archbishop of Sydney reportedly received an "anguished letter" from another country pleading to become part of the more conservative church.It comes after the leader of the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut, Bishop Andrew Smith, backed same sex blessings in the state where civil unions are allowed, but now conservative factions of the church have had enough.

  • Shirley West: ‘Irreplaceable’ community figure dies

    To say that she will be terribly missed doesn't even begin to describe the loss of this remarkable woman - Al Brookes

    12:00 AM — Shirley West, treasurer of Brighton Women's Centre, Pride volunteer and all-round treasure, died suddenly on Thursday 19th October at the age of 56.PinkNews.co.uk's Torsten Hojer documents some of the touching tributes to the inspirational lady.

  • TV authorities fine channel over lesbian sex scene

    12:00 AM — Singapore's main cable operator Star Hub Cable Vision was fined 10,000 Singapore dollars (£3,390) for showing a scene involving lesbian sex and bondage.The Singapore Development Authority deemed the television "sexually suggestive and offensive to good taste and decency".

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