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Gay activists criticise “Catholic Taleban”

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Reader comments

  1. Douglas Robertson 23 Oct 2006, 12:59pm

    This article… well… in my opinion it is very sad that people believe things so strongly as to be blinded into doing things as potentially damaging as this, even if they have the best of intentions. There is nothing ‘love thy neighbour’esque about this kind of persecution.

  2. Patricia McKeever 21 Nov 2006, 11:45pm

    This report is repeating falsehoods that have been spread far and wide by Fr Ed Hone. I am accused of harrassing him because I sent him three emails. One in August, one in September and one in October. The first was a fairly lengthy email asking him about the reasons for his connection to the pro-gay group Quest and the other two were short reminders that if he wanted to be fairly portrayed in our report, I would appreciate his response. I did ask him if he was gay, but I thought that the choice of the word “gay” to describe the homosexual lifestyle was precisely for the purpose of showing that homosexuals are quite happy and proud of their “sexual preferences”. I don’t take offence when people ask me if I am gay or celibate or what. I say “yes” or “no” as the Gospel teaches I should, remembering that everything else comes from the Evil One. Usually when someone is involved with a particular group, it is because of some personal connection. Naturally, we would like to know if he is gay, and I certainly presume he is, since Quest is a group who promote the active gay lifestyle; not for them, the Church’s teaching on chastity. So, no big deal there. Hone is being dishonest, too, by pretending to be “intimidated” by my jocular remark, concluding my reminder message. when I said that I was just trying to be a good journalist (so please reply and) – don’t make me doorstep you! It is utterly disingenous to omit the exclamation mark here, which all of those who have repeated Hone’s dishonest version of events have done. Fr Ed Hone never misses an opportunity to write into the press in Scotland to defend gay rights, even to the point of criticising bishops, so if he is “intimidated” by a lushy little brunette like me, I’m a dutchwoman! Ironic, isn’t it, that we at Catholic Truth are telephoning and sending letters/emails to the subjects of our investigation to give them every chance to respond,while you, uncritically, regurgitate falsehoods just because it suits your agenda. Sad.

  3. Now now… who’s to conduct an “investigation” into Patricia McKeever’s habits? God or Patricia McKeever herself? Someone else’s feeling like witchhunting is a good idea in the spare time? As a topic for “investigation” I would suggest look into what kind of clothes she wears, what she eats and drinks, what she does on saturdays… to name just a few. Or why not, if she’s so open and honest about herself, she should spare us all the work and write a good diary “blog style” exposing wide open her own life issues instead of trying to make herself and others a busybody for the Gestapo.

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